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Charlie and his friends show up to Glee Blub rehearsal led by Schroeder. However, to Schroeder’s dismay, all of his friends end up leaving rehearsal after they argue while singing.

Charlie Brown keeps audience laughing

April 16, 2018

Laughter filled the Seward County Community College Showcase Theatre over the weekend. Charlie Brown and company stole the hearts of students, staff and community members in attendance at the spring musical, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” April 13-15.

Each scene in the play, no matter what characters were on stage, had the audience laughing the whole time. The musical, adapted from the Peanuts comic strip, showed the average day-to-day life for Charlie Brown and his friends. For example, Charlie Brown, his friends Linus, Lucy, Schroeder and his sister, Sally all enjoyed different activities such as: lunchtime at school, a baseball game, writing a book report and even celebrating Beethoven Day.

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As “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” went on, each character revealed more about themselves. Sally Brown, played by Rebecca Frydendall, is Charlie’s sweet, blonde, and sometimes ditzy little sister. Linus, played by Andy Dinh, is a very logical little boy that has a sense of humor and a love for his blanket. Lucy, played by Biviana Rodriguez, is a very crabby, bossy little girl. Schroeder, played by David Adams, is a Beethoven obsessed piano player. Charlie Brown, played by Matthew Schmitt, is a shy, lonely, awkward and insecure child.

Charlie Brown’s dog, Snoopy, stole the show.  Jose Alex Alvarado’s portrayal as the lovable dog gave the audience continuous laughs and showcased his vocals. The scene that kept everyone giggling and smiling was when Charlie Brown fed Snoopy.

After being dramatic and pretending to ‘die of starvation’, Charlie Brown finally brought Snoopy dinner. Snoopy was so excited that he gave a vocal performance and dance about how supper time is the “very best time of day.”

Every musical piece sung by the cast applied exactly to the scene, was cute and still provided an occasional giggle. Every character on stage played a part in making the character more of who they are meant to be and showcased their vocal skills with a solo and multiple group numbers.

Schmitt kept his energy up all night as Charlie Brown, showing the awkward side of the character and all of his insecurities. Schmitt sang song after song and led the cast to a steady overall performance.

Linus performed a good solo entitled, “My Blanket and Me,” where he showed just how much his blanket meant to him.

Crusader ranks “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” a four out of five stars. The play kept the audience laughing the whole time.

Rodriguez really brought out the sassiness of Lucy. Her big solo was called “The Doctor is in.” During the song, she informed Charlie that it was good that he was unique and just as he began to feel better, Lucy replied, “That’ll be five cents please,” and she sat at her psychiatrist booth.

Overall, the play was humorous, cute and appropriate for all ages. The cast did a wonderful job of playing all the characters and giving the audience a really good show. Each character had their own special quirks that made the show entertaining, but between his humorous solo and his constant howling, Snoopy stole the show.

On the Crusader ranking scale, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” receives a four out of five stars.

The play was comical, cute and perfect for all ages. Every scene in both acts of the play got a laugh out of the audience. The musical had the attention of the audience the whole time and kept everyone engaged from start to finish.

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