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The student news site of Seward County Community College

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Halle Payton, Liberal freshman, shows off just a few pairs of Crocs that she owns. She claims the shoes are comfortable and fashionable.

Crockin’ and Rockin’

Reece Hay, Reporter
September 17, 2021

What’s hot in 2021 do you ask? Pretty sure everyone would have the same answer—CROCS! Crocs are one of the top trending fashion apparels in 2021. Trends...

Let's talk controversy

Let’s talk controversy

Megan Berg, Reporter
September 15, 2021

A new law passed in Texas has caused many headlines on the news throughout the states and debates between friends and family. Crusader News went to the...

A Paralympic Mindset

Saskia Vogelzang, Reporter
September 7, 2021

Everyone has read the news which is filled with scores and updates about the 2021 Paralympics in Tokyo. All these incredible athletes are showing the world...

The Nutrition Cave is open Monday-Thursday from seven in the morning till five in the evening along with Friday’s from seven in the morning to two in the afternoon. Stop by to get protein shakes and teas like these!

Nutrition Cave

As we walked into the cave we were welcomed with a delicious smell of fruit. The Nutrition Cave at 1406 W 15th St. in Liberal fits its description. It...

Students admit phone addictions

Students admit phone addictions

Monalisa Chakraborty, Club Reporter
May 5, 2021

A phone falls from a hand and everyone panics. But if a friend falls, laughter fills the air. This is an era where cell phones dominate. Whether it is...

Crusader's podcast takes a look at what students expect during this summer after COVID.

Podcast: Will summer 2021 smash social, emotional after-effects of COVID?

Krisi Anderson and Raven Staten
May 4, 2021

With Summer just around the corner and COVID slowing down in the United States, things are now different. Crusader News and Seward County Community College...

 Students and community members are putting on the first  performance in the college’s theater since the Fall of 2019. The performance will be laid back with singers performing some of their favorite songs from Broadway musicals.

Reviewing the Revue

April 22, 2021

T he Showcase Theater opened its doors for the first time in a year after COVID lockdowns. Now the doors are open once more, though the seats may be limited...

Godzilla vs. Kong premiered at Southgate Cinema 6 movie theaters on Friday night.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Maria Coronado
April 6, 2021

Editor's note: SPOILERS AHEAD Godzilla vs. Kong has been one of the most expected movies of the year. It’s a movie that’s been made before,...

Did you know?

Did you know?

Krisi Anderson
March 24, 2021

The world is full of all kinds of unusual facts. I think people will learn a little extra through these topics. They are either necessary and not talked...

With it being already one year since our woulrd changed due to COVID Crusader went and asked students how their lives were changed due to the pandemic.

One year later: How has COVID-19 impacted life?

Crusader staff
March 9, 2021

Last year students went into spring break unaware things would never be the same. Initially, they thought the extended spring break was great. But...

It's that time in the spring semester when so many papers are due ... not to mention the tests. Students feel stressed out because there's so much to do. Finding a place to start in the midst of chaos can help. (photo illustration)

Healthy Mindset = Healthy Semester

Raven Staten, Reporter
February 24, 2021

College can be stressful. Add in daily life and an ongoing pandemic and boom—mega stress!  Stress can be very overbearing especially when it comes...

Raven Staten shows her Saturday thrift finds which include a pair of wool houndstooth pants, a lavender cardigan, a zebra print silk scarf, a floral mug, and volume 3 of “The best of Friends”. Believe it or not this was all $4.50!

Tips to thrift: An Et. Cetra how to guide

Raven Staten
February 22, 2021

If you are a broke college student and need new clothes or items to decorate your home or dorm with, the thrift store is calling your name. Thrift stores...

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