That’s a class?

Students and Advisors express their thoughts about stress reliever classes


Courtesy Photo by SCCC Website

Enrollment starts on Oct. 31 and ends on Jan.13, and Seward County Community College has some fun classes. To get to the classes go to the SCCC website, click academics, and then go to class schedule.

Lurking around the corner is spring enrollment. Which means it is time for students to get with advisors and start planning for the spring semester. Seward County Community College offers some fun and different classes for students to consider when enrolling. The enrollment start date is Oct. 31 to Jan. 13. 

SCCC not only has the normal basic classes but also has some interesting classes that some students don’t even know are available. There are special classes in art, music, physical education and much more. A couple of classes that will be offered for the spring are glass blowing, ceramics, piano lessons, vocal lessons, scuba diving and archery.

General Studies major, Dammion Davis says that he feels like advisors push more towards the actual classes a student would need for their degree, and put in the elective classes every so often. Davis also believes that students should be able to have more of a choice and a know on what kind of classes are out there. (Brianna Rich)

Sophomore Dammion Davis, a general studies major from Liberal, had the opportunity to take the glass blowing class and he had some thoughts, “You can do the same thing every time, same colors, but it’ll always look different in some way, shape or form, and that’s one thing I like about glass blowing.”

To get to the fun classes, students have to go to the SCCC website, click academics, and then go to class schedule. When the class schedule pops up, at the top there are categories where students can click the boxes to shorten the search. 

Student Support Services Academic and Career Advisor, Erika L. Espinoza believes that doing the fun classes could be a stress reliever for students. A class that Espinoza wishes was provided is some more ethics classes and philosophy classes because when she took philosophy it was fun for her since she got to sit down in class and just discuss topics. (Brianna Rich)

However, the question is why are the normal classes easy to get to, but the fun classes are a bit harder to get to? Student Support Services Academic and Career Advisor, Erika L. Espinoza had an answer. 

 “I don’t think we try to hide them, just you only have two years here, and we all try to make sure that you accomplish those two years in the most successful manner. I also think that we just forget that fun is important too. However, for an improvement, we could possibly put some on a list and hand them out to the students for more exposure or we could mention them in first seminar,” Espinoza said. 

2D/3D Instructor, Dustin Farmer says that many people don’t even know about the art department. For an improvement Farmer thinks it is all about advertising, and showcasing the department because getting more stuff out there would help expose people to the department. (Brianna Rich)

2D/3D Instructor, Dustin Farmer also hopes that with the new website redesign there will be more showcasing of the fun courses to where they are not buried. 

Students could also do more on learning about the fun classes by going to see their advisors. Advising Coordinator, Stephanie Heger agreed with this statement with her own words.

Advising Coordinator, Stephanie Heger says that she suggests taking a class in the art department to her students who have a really heavy load because she knows it will hopefully be a good stress reliever. Heger also says that it depends on the student when picking a fun class because it is whatever they think they will enjoy. (Brianna Rich)

“It’s hard to put every fun class on the degree sheets, so that is why you should meet with your advisor because we can tell you anything you may not already know,” Heger said.

SCCC does try to help students with anything they need. Students can go to their advisors or the student success center to get help with enrolling. Remember the last day to enroll is Jan. 13, and the last day to remove any classes is Jan. 27.