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The student news site of Seward County Community College

Crusader News

The student news site of Seward County Community College

Crusader News

The annual Taste of Kansas is back after the pandemic. Bringing a diverse mix of students and faculty to enjoy good food and have a good time.
Annual Taste of Kansas event returns
Daniel Rodriguez, Reporter

Originally starting in 2019, the Inclusivity and Civility committee brought the Taste of Kansas event on campus. However, the event was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic....

Players not only have to move chess pieces, but they also have to keep track of their time. They do this through the chess clock which keeps track of their time and makes sure that neither player overly delays the game.
SCCC library hosts second chess tournament
Brianna Rich and Jazmin Caballero

Choices are to be made as the second chess tournament begins in the Seward County Community College library. The first chess tournament was also held in the library last year...

A group of goats push each other trying to get some treats. Currently there are only nine goats, but there are hopes of obtaining a total of 20 goats.
Goats join SCCC family
Brianna Rich, Photo Editor

Hoofing their way into Seward County Community College are the new goats in the Agriculture Program. Currently nine goats including a pregnant one which all arrived before...

Welcome Back to the Spring Semester Saints!
Welcome Back to the Spring Semester Saints!
Ashanti Thompson, Reporter

Seward County Community College is back, ready for the spring semester to begin! Class resumed following winter break on Jan. 9th. The halls have since filled with returning...

When the concert began, flute musicians Audra Langley and Aubrey Schumacher, who are both sophomores, played Russian Triptych. The song turned out to be the nights most popular tune.
Band, Choir students show Christmas joy through music
Roque Reveles-Montelongo

The Steps Challenge 2.0 pushes SCCC staff to their feet
The Steps Challenge 2.0 pushes SCCC staff to their feet
Jazmin Caballero, Reporter

Would the average person be able to guess the amount of steps they take daily? Many people spend most of their time on their feet either walking, standing up, or doing activities...

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Deedee Flax, technology instructor, is one of the main teachers at Seward County Community College to integrate blendflex into many of her classes. She said that multiple students prefer the computer classes to be blendfllex as they can watch back her recordings when confused to see how she does things on her screen.
Blending the barriers of in person and online
Megan Berg, Feature Editor

Imagine being able to lay in bed on a school day in pajamas while learning quadratic functions. In 2021, this dream of some students became a...

Even though area school districts have either canceled classes for the week or reinstated masks, SCCC remains maskless. The choice is left in the hands of individuals.
Despite rising COVID numbers, college will not require masks — for now
Laura Gillespie, Editor

At this time, Seward County Community College will not go back to mandatory masks on campus despite the fact that the Liberal school district...

Abel Ochoa rips up the masks are required sign after the announcement that masks are now optional.
Campus goes maskless
Brooke Katen, Reporter

Students came to class Monday without wearing masks. It's the first time since COVID showed up in southwest Kansas in March 2020 that students...

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