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Cast offers insight on the production of “Little Shop of Horrors”

Feed your Musical Appetite at SCCC

“Little Shop Of Horrors,” a horror comedy rock musical, hit the stage at Seward County Community College. Student preview night took place on April 17 and was a success with a great student turnout. It’s not too late to support the local theater program, however. More showings are scheduled for April 19-20 at 7:30 p.m. Here are the theater department’s thoughts on the musical.

Jamie Francis

Online academic advisor

Role: Director, Choreographer, Set Designer

What is the “Little Shop of Horrors” about?

“So it’s about this guy that’s kind of a nobody. He’s in love with his co-worker, he doesn’t have a whole lot going on for him but he loves plants. And so… this weird thing… happens, this plant appears and he discovers that it’s hungry for blood. And so it offers him this world that he can’t imagine…”

What made you pick this musical?

“So this is actually the first musical that I was in when I first moved here to Liberal, Kansas, when I was in high school. And so, I thought it was a really fun show to just bring back for myself to reintroduce me into the other side of it and into directing. And also it’s a show that really lends itself to different actors and different levels of experience. So I thought it was really good for that.”

What was the process of directing the show?

“First, we had to, like, of course get this stuff in and then we did auditions and then from there, we looked at everybody’s schedule and cast the show. And then after… We scheduled the rehearsals, we went through the music rehearsal process, and then after the two weeks of that, then I got to start working with the actors on stage and we went through choreography and blocking, and then they had to get off book and then we’ve been running it since.”

How has your experience been in the drama department?

“Oh, it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve been involved for many years here, usually as an actor, and then now I’ve moved over to the directing side, and it’s very supportive. And so,I’ve really enjoyed that.”

What would you say to someone who knows nothing about theater but wants to be in the play?

“Oh, just give it a shot. There’s something for everybody. So if you’re really nervous about speaking in front of people, we have stuff for backstage. We always need crew members, or if you love painting or building there’s that. If you’d like electronics, there’s lights. We have the programming department helping out with part of the show. And also, with being scared speaking in public. It really helps with that, because then you have that time to build it. And then it gets easier over time.”

Luis Rivera Rede 

Major: Secondary Education

Role: Seymour Krelborn

What’s your favorite scene and why?

“Well, I really like seeing, “Get It.” Because… that’s like the name of the song. That’s how I differentiate it. Because that’s when Seymour has to pick whether he wants to be, like, a good person or not. It’s basically his dilemma. Do I kill someone or do I not kill someone? And then it kind of shows that he’s a good person inside that makes bad choices. Because he’s like, ‘No, no, I don’t want to do it.’ But when he sees the girl that he loves…get abused, he says he’s willing to do anything for her. So… the song is really really cool too. It’s really fun to perform but it shows his internal dilemma.”

What has been your experience in the drama department?

“It’s been a lot of fun. I know the drama department is slowly just trying to revive itself because it hasn’t been very active lately, but being able to be a part of it and help it grow, it’s been, like, it’s been a blast. It’s just been so much fun to do it all.”

What’s your favorite scene and why?

“Oh, my goodness. So I think I love my favorite scenes. I have two, both of them are the dentist scenes. They’re hilarious and I laugh every single time.”


Bailey Powell 

Major: Elementary Education

Role: Audrey

What’s your favorite scene and why?

“My death [scene] because… I love the song and then I just like the moment and I like being eaten by the plant.”

What has been your experience in the drama department?

“I think it’s really fun. I’ve been in multiple shows. Obviously, every cast is different and I think the mix of this cast is pretty good.”


Rodrigo Gamarra Clavijo

Major: Computer Science

Character in Musical: Seymore Krelborn

What’s your favorite scene and why?

“I would say my favorite scene is ‘Grow’ for me because it is where Seymour finally is able to realize what actually makes a [the] plant grow. And it’s a special moment for the plant and for him because they finally realize how they can work with each other.”

What has been your experience in the drama department? 

“Well, my experience has been quiet at first. In the beginning, they’ve been really welcoming. But at first I felt a little bit awkward just because…I’m an international student and also because everybody knew each other here and I was the only one, like, foreign and international and I wasn’t afraid to talk at first but then they were very welcoming and they made a very good atmosphere there.”

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