Crusader wishes to Santa


Brianna Rich

Inspired by former Crusader member Ruby Thornton, the whole staff this year has decided to write to Santa. With this the hopes are that this will be the new tradition for Crusader.

Jingling bells! Christmas is almost here which means it is time to write to Santa. Last year students and faculty were asked by former Crusader member Ruby Thornton to share their letters that they wrote to Santa, and for this year we wanted to keep the tradition going. However, this time the whole Crusader staff has written letters to Santa in hopes that their wishes will come true.

Name: Brianna Rich

From: Elkhart

Age: 20

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year I just hope that my whole family starts to feel better and gets to have fun during the break. Oh and for finals I hope that I can have some luck with passing, and I also hope that Crusader can gain some luck with gaining new members for next semester. Hope you can give everyone some luck! Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

-Brianna Rich

Name: Ashanti Thompson

From: Phoenix, Arizona 

Age: 19 

Dear Santa, 

This year I am wishing for some good luck in my family. I am wishing everyone of them stays in good health and my parents accomplish what they are working so hard for right now. I am also wishing that everyone stays relaxed for these finals and gets the grade they are hoping for. Hope this wasn’t too big of an ask for me, but thank you for reading! Happy Holidays to all!

-Ashanti Thompson

Name: Megan Berg

From: Sublette 

Age: 19

Dear Santa,

This year I am wishing for memories. Times I can look back on and think that was an amazing year. I especially wish for good memories with my family because I don’t know how long I’ll have with all of them. I am also wishing for world peace, naturally as one does. I cannot be completely selfish. Don’t worry, I’ll have a plate of homemade cookies for you in return for granting my wishes. Merry Christmas!

-Megan Berg

Name: Roque Reveles-Montelongo 

From: Plains 

Age: 21

Dear Santa, 

I’m wishing my family will be more happy and grateful for this year​​. I’m wishing for this year’s best memories. Next year, I can’t wait to make new memories. I’m wishing everyone a warm and healthy year. I want to wish everyone a joyful and happy Christmas and happy new year. I can’t wait to have some tamales, coffee drinks, and Mexican food for Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas and happy new year y’all. See you back in January. 

– Roque Reveles-Montelongo 

Name: Jazmin Caballero

From: Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Age: 18 

Dear Santa,

There are many things that one could ask for, but my main thing is peace. I wish peace on everything in this whole wide world, and hope that every person has someone to spend the holidays with! Overall, I wish happiness and good health to all. Oh yeah.. and some luck! 

PS:  don’t forget the gifts Santa.. hehe