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Megan Berg

Megan Berg, Reporter

Megan Berg is an SCCC freshman majoring in mass communications. She is an 18-year-old native to Southwest Kansas having been born in Liberal. Berg likes to read, watch New Girl and take photos. Berg dreams of moving away from the fields and cows and starting her own photography business.

All content by Megan Berg
Inspired by former Crusader member Ruby Thornton, the whole staff this year has decided to write to Santa. With this the hopes are that this will be the new tradition for Crusader.

Crusader wishes to Santa

December 7, 2022

Jingling bells! Christmas is almost here which means it is time to write to Santa. Last year students and faculty were asked by former Crusader member...

Saints on the Street: Students swap holiday snacks

Saints on the Street: Students swap holiday snacks

November 22, 2022

With the holidays well on their way, decorations and music can be heard and seen marking the season. What tends to be on most people’s minds though is...

 Jasmine Caamal is a freshman with her hometown being Liberal. She is majoring in marketing and works part time at Brown’s Shoe Store.

Jasmine Camaal

November 10, 2022

Who would you say is the most influential person in your life? How have they influenced you?  My dad. He is hardworking, keeps himself busy, and thrives...

The Crusader staff was able to go sight seeing in between different conference actives. Reporter Ashanti Thompson listed off many national landmarks including the White House, the Senate, and the Washington Memorial.

Crusader takes their success nationally

November 9, 2022

Last semester, Crusader News was victorious at the Kansas Collegiate Media Awards receiving 72 awards and now their success has spread nationally....

As students started outlining their cookies, Veenstra demonstrated further the proper way to outline a cookie. The bag should be held further away from the cookie, and the frosting is supposed to flow out and lay naturally instead of forcing it to come out onto the cookie.

Getting Spooky with Cookies

October 31, 2022

Despite the association, sugar cookies are not just for Christmas. On October 25, Julie Veenstra, owner of her own baking company, taught a Halloween themed...

The Haunting of Hill House

October 28, 2022

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 My recommendation is actually a tv show instead of a movie, but don’t worry it still has plenty of horror scenes in it. A...

Spooky Suggestions

Spooky Suggestions

October 28, 2022

BOO! Hiding under a blanket from the latest jump scare is all a part of the horror movie experience. With Halloween next week, watching at least one scary...

The Black Phone

[Photo] The Black Phone

October 28, 2022

Cassandra Norin, director of the library, introduces keynote speaker for the final Saints Scribes events. The speaker for lunch was Steve Wolgast, a New York Times editor for nine years and current professor at the University of Kansas.

[Photo] Library hosts final Saints Scribes event

October 17, 2022

Cassandra Norin, director of the library, introduces keynote speaker for the final Saints Scribes events. The speaker for lunch was Steve Wolgast, a New...

Some participants stood up bracing themselves on chairs as they try to endure the hotness. Others sat in anticipation for Lyon to announce who was second and third place to see if the pain was worth it.

Cosmetology tries the spice

October 7, 2022

Hispanic heritage month brings the tradition at Seward County Community College that many are reluctant to join. This year though, the jalapeno eating...

Elyse Adame is one of the representatives present at the transfer fair in the academic building. Over 10 different colleges were present for December graduates and transfer students to gain information.

Where to go from here

September 30, 2022

Rows of tables lined the academic hallway on September 23 as students flocked to find which college would work best for their personal needs. Names preceded...

Deedee Flax, technology instructor, is one of the main teachers at Seward County Community College to integrate blendflex into many of her classes. She said that multiple students prefer the computer classes to be blendfllex as they can watch back her recordings when confused to see how she does things on her screen.

Blending the barriers of in person and online

September 28, 2022

Imagine being able to lay in bed on a school day in pajamas while learning quadratic functions. In 2021, this dream of some students became a reality....

Coming in for the Change

Coming in for the Change

September 13, 2022

Out with the old and in with the new. Seward County Community College has upgraded the dorms with security, curfew, and co ed rules. Celeste Donovan, vice...

Anime club members Alexis Soto, Judith Soto, and Alexa Pavia discuss with Michael McComack, president of the club, about future endeavors. The club is interested in taking a trip to an anime convention.

It’s time to try something new

September 6, 2022

When an alien eye pops open on someone’s hand, usually people scream. Not at this club though. On Thursday, Sep. 1, room H112 was full of laughter as...

Sue Sprenkle, the mass communications instructor, transitioned from a full-time instructor to an adjunct professor for Seward County Community College this current semester. With  previously 20 years of experience being a traveling journalist, Sprenkle has covered stories from major national disasters, political unrest and Olympic competitions.

Sink into the stories of Sue Sprenkle

May 11, 2022

Strolling down the street, Sue Sprenkle wasn’t prepared for the blackness that quickly overtook her as rough material covered her head. Kidnappers chucked...

 Students lift their tassels bringing them over to the left side of their cap signaling their official graduation. Crossing from left to right is a symbol of crossing one’s heart as Donovan explains.

The Greenhouse celebrates graduation once again

May 9, 2022

A sea of black robes stood across the Greenhouse court as Seward County Community College’s 51st annual graduation commenced. Except something was missing....

Copies of the Telolith are given at the event to students for free. The Telolith is a magazine composed of students’ submitted artwork and writings. More copies are available in the humanities building for anyone interested.

Telolith revealed at de-stress night

May 4, 2022

With finals approaching quickly, different methods on how to ease stress can be found all over social media. The SCribblers and Anime club at Seward...

Amy Whitaker, a behavioral science major from Liberal, presents her slideshow on a study of creative interpretation using “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair. The presentation was a final assignment for American Literature II. The presentation included different paintings based on jungles and different insights from Whitaker on the book.

Into the jungle

April 28, 2022

As a part of the final, students of American Literature II were required to pick a book by an American author and create a presentation on it. Lori Muntz,...

Hollistah talks about his beginnings when he first listened to rappers on MTV at his grandma’s house. The show inspired the young boy and at the age of nine, he knew he wanted to be a rapper. He had his first gig at 12 at a gospel festival and at 18 opened for another artist in front of a crowd of 4,000 people.

Kansas rapper expresses need for creativity

April 11, 2022

Tables of pizza and cookies is an enticing view, especially at lunchtime when the smell of melted cheese and spices makes the mouth water. This is the...

Calmly sitting in the donation chair, Jaxon Rios donates plasma to The Red Cross donation in the afternoon. Plasma accounts for around 55% of our total blood volume and is also 90% water.

Be a hero and donate

April 6, 2022

Warning: pictures of blood and needles are included in this story  The smell of antiseptic wafts through the room as donators lay back waiting for...

Brad Bennett, SCCC president, calls the lack of preparedness on transportation for Portillo as  inexcusable.

Equality in the classroom

April 5, 2022

With arms wrapping Natalie Portillo, an elementary education major from Plains, a teacher slowly lifts her out of the wheelchair, placing her into the...

Navigating to a class on a cold, snowy day is a challenge Portillo faces daily. Since some classrooms are in different buildings, she has to drive across campus outside.

Equality in the classroom

April 4, 2022

Weaving through chairs and desks while trying to find a spot in the classroom can be difficult in a wheelchair. Natalie Portillo, an elementary education...

These kinds of devices are an option to any student that has a documented hearing impairment, and the student can decide if it is needed. They are also designed to be smaller for the sudet to use easily and ideally so that they can feel equal to those in the classroom.

[Photo] Equality in the classroom

April 4, 2022

These kinds of devices are an option to any student that has a documented hearing impairment, and the student can decide if it is needed. They are also...

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