Spring sports finally in action

Baseball, softball and tennis start competing, bringing home wins


Mary Ramirez

The baseball team is loaded with 20 freshmen. Mike Davidson, baseball coach, says despite being young and inexperienced, they will make a good showing this season.

Jessica Madrigal, Reporter

With home openers already here and some right around the corner, these teams and coaches are more than ready to start their season. Tennis, softball and baseball are all on go mode and ready to begin their season.

Tennis player, Kyllian Savary from France, said “having a good relationship with your teammates is one of the most important things, and that is what my team has.”

Justine Lespes, sophomore from La Teste-De-Buch, France, hopes to lead the Lady Saints back to nationals this year. (Mauricio Gonzalez)

Savary believes that if 100% is given at practice by the whole team they will do better. He personally just wants to do the best he can do and give 100% this season.

Sophomore tennis player Martin Abamu, from Nigeria, agreed with Savary saying that the season was looking pretty good. Abamu thinks that his team has a good understanding of each other and are committed to playing, which should help them in the long run. He believes that as long as they continue to get along and work with each other, they should accomplish great things this season. 

Softball head coach Casady Webb says her season is looking good because practices have been very productive and everyone is excited. She mentions how the team’s chemistry is definitely there and strong. She says that even though she has quite a bit of new people, she believes that player-led teams are better than coach-led teams, and that is exactly what she has.

“I’m honestly just excited to see what this year brings,” Webb says.

Softball pitcher Molly Adams, Sharon, Oklahoma, could not agree more.

“This team has a lot of potential to do a lot of great things and that’s why our season is looking as good as it will be,” Adams says.

She also states that when on the field, they work hard for one another and come together as a team, which is their biggest advantage for the season. 

Baseball head coach Mike Davidson is excited about having a good season this year despite the team being so young. They have 20 freshmen out for the team. 

“It’s a good group of freshmen that get along with each other, so we should be okay,” he adds.

Davidson believes that even though they could improve their two strike hitting and being aggressive overall offensively, they have a huge advantage with starting pitchers as there are three returners.

The softball team takes infield practice before a scrimmage. The team stresses how they practice is how they play, so they go “all out.” (Mary Ramirez)

Freshman baseball pitcher Josh Eberhard, Farmington, New Mexico, agrees that the team lacks experience, however he believes they have a lot of talent that if brought together, they will do well this season. He says that with the great team’s chemistry, they should also play a big role in helping the team get to where they need to be.

Two players with two completely different personal goals, yet with the same mindset for their season want to do whatever it to get the “W.”

Sophomore baseball infielder Jase Schneider, Austin, Texas, biggest goal this season is to win. “I mean of course I want to help my team, but I’m a competitor, so my ultimate goal is to win.”

Freshman softball co-capitan Beth Denney, Prague, Oklahoma, explains her biggest goal is to the best team captain she can be. 

Luciano Fisicaro, sophomore from Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, was on last year’s team that went to nationals. The team has high hopes of not just going to nationals but actually coming home as the champions. (Saskia Vogelzang)