Crusaders remember Valentine’s Days they can’t forget

Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with chocolates, flowers and for some even love. It can look different for many people, so Crusader News decided to reminisce on some of their favorite Valentine’s Day memories. From Chinese food to fiancés, this holiday holds a special part in all of our hearts.  

Brianna Rich

The gift was my favorite because it has inspired my fiancé to keep getting me those types of gifts, and now I have several more. The idea of use for all of them is to use them as possible centerpieces for our wedding along with a notecard for each of them so guests can read it and learn more about us. (Brianna Rich)

A Valentine’s Day that I like to look back on is when my fiancé, and I had our first date in Liberal. We had started living together in our own apartment, and once Valentine’s Day came around, we decided to go out and eat Mexican food and watch “Marry Me” before he surprised me with a gift from El Rancho Supermercado that is by the movie theaters. My favorite part of that day was receiving my gift which was a red rose in a heart shaped glass which is covered in water so that the flower will stay fresh.

Ashanti Thompson 

Looking back on this holiday, one of my favorite Valentine’s days was back in my sophomore year of high school. It was close to my one-year-anniversary, so my previous boyfriend and I went out to eat Chinese food and just went on a long walk together around the mountains in Arizona. We hung out for hours and just enjoyed each other’s company while reminiscing our year together. I look back at this Valentine’s Day and even though I’m not with the same person, I have no regrets and it was truly just a day of happiness. We were still children and it really was just the embodiment of being young, dumb and in-love.