Who really runs the court?

Student-athletes share their jobs during basketball games

Locked in during the first quarter, Tatum Winters scans the court in search of the ball to prepare the stats. Working behind the bench, she hovers over the digital court on the screen ready to input if a shot is made or missed. (Ashanti Thompson)

Seward County Community College athletes are involved in every aspect of the game from photos to athletic training and even behind the scene work. Basketball games require many workers to get the job done and the Saints athletes are here to help on game-day from start to finish. They take almost five hours out of their day to work these basketball games.    

One of the jobs given to the student-athletes is stats. Tatum Winters, a softball player from Texhoma, Oklahoma, says that this is a rather difficult job especially when the game is back and forth. One has to memorize call-outs, jersey numbers, fouls and plenty more. However, she does enjoy it even with all the difficulties.

 “Hearing all the talk and being a part of the action,” says Winters, is her favorite part of the entire job. 

This job is imperative to athletes on both teams to let them know how well they did in certain aspects of the game. Winters has to document every shot made, missed, assisted and so much more. Winters helps not only the players but the coaches, she is a big asset to them and makes game day simple.  

Jonas Mathaison works on Saturday nights serving at the snack bar with his fellow tennis players. Mathaison said this is an easy but sometimes boring job. (Ashanti Thompson)

Before one walks into the game there is the snack shack, where several members of the Saint’s tennis team works. Jonas Mathiason, a tennis player from Esbjerg, Denmark, stated that this job is fairly easy. He loves being able to hang out with his friends while working to help his fellow athletes. Mathiason thinks sometimes it can get boring but being able to watch the games in between makes up for it. 

Being a DJ is also a required job for these games. Gabby Sanchez, a softball player from Seal Beach, California, is there to make sure everyone is hyped up, players and spectators alike. From the “Cupid Shuffle” to country music, Sanchez’s hand picks songs for timeouts, halftimes and in between quarters. She essentially helps players get in the groove and the crowd pumped up to watch some basketball. Sanchez loves how simple the setup is and is grateful to have one of the easier, more fun jobs of the night. 

With two minutes left in the second quarter of one of the Lady Saints basketball game, Ireland Caro and Sara Lock are guarding the student section to keep their fellow peers safe. (Ashanti Thompson)

Safety is also a high priority at these large crowd events. On top of trained security guards, SCCC has two members of the softball team also on security detail. This is the most time-consuming job where one has to walk the stands and guard doors. Softball players Sara Lock, from Dale, Oklahoma, and Ireland Caro, from Abernathy, Texas, are on the lookout during this time-consuming job. 

On top of security, they were also in charge of the children during half-time. Children line up during the half-time at the free-throw line to shoot as many baskets as they can in ten minutes. They make sure the children have the time of their lives and are safe on the court. Both Caro and Lock agree that they enjoy being able to watch the game and see friends while working. 

Overall, SCCC athletes are involved in so many behind-the-scene moments. These athletes take time from their already busy lives to help coordinate, enthuse and secure these basketball games.