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Maggie Ibarra is in the school band. She enjoys playing the drums ever since she was little.
Maggie Ibarra

*  Fun Fact: Enjoys playing the drums ever since she was little. Q: What was your freshman year experience like? A: At first I was really shy because I had just come from a different town and I...

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You can usually find Monse at the library where she is a work-study. Ask her for help and she will gladly help with a smile on her face.
Monse Guillen

Do you have a pet peeve? If so, what is it?  The sound of styrofoam rubbing on anything like metal is really annoying. What is the longest you’ve gone without sleep why? It was one night I...

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Jennifer Garcia poses with a hair product that she states will help straighten hair and will even give a bit of volume
Jennifer Garcia

What is most memorable about your birthday?  That my last birthday I got to spend time with my grandpa before he passed away. Do you believe in ghosts if no why, if yes why? Yes, I believe in...

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Eric Turner is a Georgia native who enjoys hunting and enjoys the scenery of his home state
Eric Turner

What is your biggest fear?  "Drowning"    If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?  “Back to Georgia. I miss home, especially the beautiful scenery.   Who...

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Kaberlin Hull  spends time in the Student Union with her friends since its the only place that they are able to be together since they live in separate dorms
Kaberlin Hull

What makes you laugh the most? I laugh at everything. When I am nervous and I think almost everything can be funny  If your food is bad at a restaurant what would you do? I would call the waitress...

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Radwan Rodriguez is a freshman studying Computer Science and in his free time enjoys googling random things to learn
Radwan Rodriguez

What is your biggest fear? "It would be being left behind"  If you could go somewhere in the world where would it be and why? “My moms basement. On a serious note the Ocean close to Antarctica....

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Kyleigh Ramirez is a native to Tyrone, Oklahoma. She is currently majoring in Cosmetology which stems from her love of doing people
Kyleigh Ramirez

What made you decide to enroll in cosmetology? “I absolutely love doing people’s hair and makeup. So I figured that it would be something I would enjoy doing throughout my life.” Who is your...

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Shane Bowman is a 20 year old freshman majoring in agriculture and currently lives in Liberal
Shane Bowman

What makes you laugh the most? My friend Chris from high school is someone that makes me laugh the most he is funny and funny-looking If your food is bad at a restaurant what would you do? I would...

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Logan Scruggs is active in  Seward County Community college. He is a RA in dorms, participates in  choir and band and is in  Crusader and last year was a cheerleader
Logan Scruggs

What is your biggest fear?  Silence. For a music major, that’s a big deal because I’m afraid I did something wrong. What is the last song you jammed out to?  F***** with an anchor by Alestorm  If...

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Jessica is studying to become a dentist hygienist because of her own experience with having braces and she looks forward to being able to interact with patients one-on-one in the future
Jessica Hendrick

W hat fictional character do you relate to the most and why? I relate to Katniss Everdeen the most, because she is a fearless lady who wasn’t afraid to step up to defend her little sister. I find...

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Allegra Tomores,  who is music major shows off her musical talent by practicing her trumpet in one of the music room in the Humanities building.
Allegra Tomores

What is your favorite childhood memory Going to California since I was able to visit the  beach for the first time.  What was the scariest moment of your life It was coming home to find  out...

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One of the places you can find Slade is possibly at a computer where more then likely he is working on learning some sort of computer software for a class or for fun
Slade Frisby

What takes up most of your time nowadays?  Homework takes up a lot of my time and it's not just a specific class it's all of them and with this semester it’s been crazy  What is the most relaxing...

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