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The student news site of Seward County Community College

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The student news site of Seward County Community College

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Molly Adams

Molly Adams

Maddie Garrison, Reporter
April 1, 2022

What is the thing that will finally break the internet? I think that there are a couple of things that could break the internet, especially politics...

Super sophomore, Emily Johnson, who is also a super mom with four children, returns to school to finish her teacher degree. Johnson is from Hugoton and she owns her very own business which started as a hobby.

Emily Johnson

Melvin Le, Reporter
March 9, 2022

What are your plans for Spring Break? Oh, goodness. I own my own business [Meek&Mild] that I've created and it’s a healthy plant-based lotion,...

KYLIX club president, Melissa Alvarez is from Guymon, Oklahoma. Alvarez is majoring in art because she has always loved art.

Melissa Alvarez

Laura Gillespie and Melvin Le
March 4, 2022

What are your favorite hobbies? What do you like to do? Oh my gosh, what do I not like to do is the question. I am very crafty, I like to say I am creative....

Macey Merydith is a first-year pre-nursing student from Booker, Texas. Merydith is a full-time commuting college student who balances working at Ninja Sushi Steakhouse and her future dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse.

Macy Merydith

Dani Arellano and Ashanti Thompson
February 18, 2022

Why did you decide to come to Seward County Community college and where do you plan to transfer?  I had a couple of different reasons as to why I decided...

Dennis Le, a nursing major from Liberal, holds a picture of his childhood celebrity crush, Grant Gustin.

Dennis Le

Melvin Le, Reporter
February 4, 2022

What is it like to be a concurrent student? I really hate commuting from the high school to the college. It’s worth the sacrifice to see my friends...

Kit Hernandez is a faculty member at SCCC since August 2021 and is from Ely, Minnesota. Hernandez said that once she got here she had to get used to the weather because it was hotter here than in Ely, Minnesota.

Kit Hernandez

Maddie Garrison, Reporter
January 28, 2022

If you could change your name, what would it be? Why? I wouldn't change my name – I didn't like it at first but it’s what I go by.   If your...

Yolanda Morales born and raised in Liberal and is majoring in education at SCCC.

Yolanda Morales

Reece Hay and Jessica Madrigal
January 26, 2022

What is your biggest pet peeve? Why?  My biggest pet peeve is whenever I go to the gym and people drop the weights. A lot of people tend to over exaggerate...

Vanessa Mora, a second-year cosmetology student, aspires to someday open her own beauty salon somewhere outside of Liberal.

Vanessa Mora

Sara Lock and Laura Gillespie
January 24, 2022

Why did you choose SCCC?  To be honest it’s just because I’m from here. I prefer being with my family and I didn’t want to go somewhere far so...

Noah Burton is a freshman from Chichester England. Burton’s major is physical education.

Noah Burton

Laura Gillespie, Copy Editor
January 14, 2022

What was the biggest culture shock moving from England to the United States?  First food. Food is definitely big culture-wise. It is more sugary than...

Dhamar Dozal is from Liberal. Dozal is a freshman, and her major is behavioral science.

Dhamar Dozal

Laura Gillespie, Copy Editor
November 12, 2021

If you could do anything for one day, what are you choosing to do?  Probably go for a walk in the mountains–like way in the mountains. Any mountains...

Reaching back, Justine Lepses eyes the ball coming toward her. She returns service with a backhand.

Justine Lespes

Mary Ramirez, Reporter
November 9, 2021

It was a historic fall season for Justine Lespes. The sophomore tennis player was the first in Lady Saints history to advance to the ITA national single’s...

Vivien Gabehart is from Marshall Oklahoma. She is a freshman, and her major is Sports Medicine.

Vivien Gabehart

Laura Gillespie and Brianna Rich
October 22, 2021

What do you like to do in your free time? I like to hang out with the girls on my team. Sometimes we go eat when we have the money. Other times we go...

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