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Hegel Augustin

Hegel Augustin is from Queens, New York. His dream has always been to play in the NBA.

Calen Moore, Reporter

January 25, 2019

What is your name? "Hegel Augustine." Where are you from? "Queens, New York." What is your major? "Sports medicine." What year in college are you in? "Sophomore." What brought you to Seward? “Basketball, I heard it was a good program, it was basically a shot in the dark.” When did...

Evelyn Rios

Evelyn Rios is a freshman nursing major. She plans to become physician when she's done with school.

Bryanna Alexis, Writer

January 23, 2019

Where are you from? "Liberal." What is your major here at SCCC? "Nursing." How long have you been here at SCCC? “This is my second semester.” What kind of courses are you taking for nursing? "Microbiology, nutrition, and biology." What is your favorite course? "Microbiology." When do y...

Celia Gutierrez

Celia Gutierrez is an Education major from Mexico but raised in Liberal. She is a member of the college cheer team.

Annette Meza, Copy Editor

January 18, 2019

If you ever had kids, how many would you like? "I would like three." When did you decide you wanted kids? "The age I decided I wanted kids was when I was 17. I decided I would rather wait until I’m 24. Another thing I’d do is adopt and give some kids a chance to have a life." Do you feel li...

Nayshon Kane

Nayshon Kane is a Saint basketball player from Brooklyn, New York. In his free time, Kane enjoys playing 2k because it is alot like basketball.

Monica Gonzalez, Photographer/Reporter

November 26, 2018

Do you have any siblings? How many? "I have one sibling, a four-year old sister named Kailey." Why did you come to SCCC? "I came to Seward County Community College to play basketball." What’s something you don’t like about SCCC? "What I don’t like about Seward is that it is very boring and t...

Gissella Garcia

Gissella Garcia, a freshman education major from Liberal. Garcia believes that they key to happiness is just doing something you enjoy!

Amberley Taylor, Co-Editor

November 16, 2018

Why did you choose your major? “I have always liked being around kids and interacting with them.” What grade would you like to teach? “I think I would teach somewhere around second or third grade.” What are your hobbies? “I sometimes like to get into acting and music is always fun...

Natalie Melendez

Natalie Melendez is a freshman biology major from Liberal. Melendez enjoys biology because she likes plants and animals better than people.

Michelle Mattich, Co-Editor

November 2, 2018

Why is Biology your major? "This might sound bad but I do not like people, I like plants and animals more. They are easier to work with." What is a song that describes your life at the moment? "Everglow by Starset, it has this chill rock feel." Favorite TV show at the moment? "Supernatural." What is...

Steven Martinez

Steven Martinez is a pre-pharmacy major from Liberal. Martinez enjoys hanging out with friends and family, watching movies, running and playing soccer.

Annette Meza, Reporter

October 29, 2018

What are your hobbies? "Hanging out with friends and family, watch movies, i used to like to run  a lot but i don't have a lot of time now, and i like to play soccer!" What are you planning to do with the one life you have? "Be happy! I plan to take care of my family, and be successful in order to be happy." ...

Heather Moree

Heather Moree is a freshman Computer Science major from Liberal. Moree is involved in band and choir and enjoys drawing.

Amberley Taylor, Co-Editor

October 12, 2018

Why did you choose to major in Computer Science? "I wanted to try something different." What is your greatest strength? "My greatest strength is drawing, I draw basically anything." Are you involved in any clubs? "I am in band and choir." Where is the farthest place you've traveled to? "Georgia. I liv...

Nohemy Valles

Valles is a veteran of the National Guard and is the only student in the National Security Studies program.

Amberley Taylor, Co-Editor

September 27, 2018

What made you choose to go into National Security? "I served 11 years in the National Guard." When did you join the National Guard? "I joined right after I graduated high school." What is the National Security Studies program like? "It's actually a program that's online through KU and I am the on...

Rooney Morales

Rooney Morales

Michelle Mattich, Co-Editor

September 18, 2018

Why did you decide to come to SCCC? "My parents encouraged me to come here after we moved, I like SCCC very much." What is your Career Goal? "My career will involve making as much art as possible and spreading that around the world." What is a quote you live by? "Pugs and Hugs, not Drugs." W...

Miguel Perez

Miguel Perez, a freshman pre-engineering major from Ulysses, Kansas chose pre-engineering as his major because of the impact that his simple engineering classes in high school had on him.

Noel Caro, Reporter

September 7, 2018

    Why did you choose Pre-Engineering? “I took some classes in high school, that made me decide to do simple engineering What is your favorite food? “All kinds of Mexican food” What is your favorite movie? Why? “Finding Nemo, because it reminds me of my childhood” Year in college: Freshman, ...

Brittany Brooks

Brittany Brooks is a music major from Tyrone, Oklahoma. In her free time, Brooks enjoys going to church, hanging out with friends and singing. She hopes to someday make a career out of singing and even teach it.

Annette Meza, Reporter

September 5, 2018

Why did you choose to come to SCCC? "It’s cheap and Its close. Also it helps me become independent away from home." Do you live on campus? How do you like it so far? "I do live on campus, i like it, it’s pretty cool. Tyrone is only 10 miles away so it helps me get away from home basically." ...

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