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Jessica Madrigal

Jessica Madrigal, Reporter

Jessica Madrigal is a 19-year-old sophomore from Spearman, Texas. Madrigal is currently on the cheer team and serves as an RA at the dorms. She loves to be around friends and family. Madrigal plans to major in criminal justice and graduate from Seward with an Associates of Science in May 2022.

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Missing a day of working her face is like missing leg day at the gym for Jessica Madrigal. She loved the Face Slimmer.

Slim in just 3 minutes

May 11, 2022

Imagine a world without double chins or wrinkles, where skin never looks saggy or old. I would say that it wasn't possible but in the matter of three minutes...

Aside from sleep and procrastination, finding a place to study is very important as well. A place like the computer labs or an empty room would be good because there is no one around to be a distraction.

Don’t be a mess, stress less

May 5, 2022

Imagine a finals week where there is no stress and no rush. It just flows easy and your finals are successfully accomplished. Could you imagine it? Well...

A move that changed everything

A move that changed everything

May 4, 2022

She was a free soul in Tepechitlan, Zacatecas living in a world where her life was her choice and felt as if she was on top of the world. She had her brothers...

Hitting the ball is Jaxson Gregg, a freshman from Keller, Texas. In the second game Gregg hit a double which brought Ranse Radtke and Jace Schneider home scoring two points.

Saints battle it out with the Trojans

April 29, 2022

The Seward County Community College Baseball team took on Colby Community College, which is said to be one of the better teams in conference and has...

Sliding into home is Paris Brienesse, a freshman from Stockholm, Sweden. Brienesse received two runs in the second game, which now brings her to 27 runs overall.

Lady Saints bring heat in double-header

April 28, 2022

Seward County Community College Softball played Hutchinson’s #15 ranked team in the nation but did not go down without a fight. The Saints are now...

New kids on the block

New kids on the block

April 22, 2022

All Saints Day took place for students all over wanting to attend Seward County Community College in the Fall of 22’. Seniors get to enroll in classes...

This year it was the 12 annual celebration of national poetry month and to celebrate the creative writers’ coffeehouse was held. During the coffeehouse, there were poems read by the contest winners and by the people who just wanted to share their poems.

Poetry night is brought to life

April 11, 2022

The creative writer's coffee house was brought to life with many poems and with the appearance of a guest speaker.  Creative writers coffee...

Library receives $10,000 grant

Library receives $10,000 grant

April 7, 2022

The Seward County Community College Library received a massive win in the form of a $10,000 grant for new additions and more events in the fall.  The...

Home away from home

April 6, 2022

Whether a student is 20 miles from home or 431 miles, each person brings what they can to make it seem like their dorm room is their home.  Residents...

Javier Gomez, Ranse Radtke and Jase Schneider celebrate by colliding their helmets together. Saints baseball lost the first game with a score of 7-2, and then they won their second game with a score of 11-0.

16 strikeouts lead to victory after a loss

March 25, 2022

Seward County Community College baseball started off yesterday pretty rough with a loss of 7-2 against Garden City Community College. However, the day...

Starting the day right

Starting the day right

March 21, 2022

After spring break of doing whatever, waking up whenever and having no schedule for an entire week, it can be hard to get back into the swing of school....

Ukraines boarder in 2014 showcases the hostile times between Russia over the years.

The war that everyone is watching

March 10, 2022

Russia and Ukraine have had issues since 2014 and while many people knew this War was coming, I did not.  For eight years now, Russia and Ukraine have...

Many students who work and do school would agree it can be stressful but also say it is worth it. Brianna Mangels is a nursing major who works full-time for the Cascade Nursing Agency. Mangels has been working for Cascade for two and a half years and her advice to anyone who is wanting to work while going to school is “To know your limits.”

It’s a balancing act

March 3, 2022

Going to school and working is an impossible thought for some people, however for others, it's reality.  Working and going to school is not for everyone...

Drop Everything And Read [D.E.A.R] Day was Feb. 23 and this event went on all day in the library. This event was put on for the students and faculty to have a moment to go into the library and relax while they read their books.

A new event is brought to campus

February 24, 2022

D.E.A.R. Day is not what many thought it was going to be just by looking at the title. Some people thought it was about deer but it turned out to be an...

Jen Malin is often called “Mama Jen” by residents in the Student Living Center. The SCCC Student Housing Director can often fill the role of “mom” for students away from home by answering questions on how to do laundry, what to do when they are sick and etc.

Malin serves as “dorm mom” for SCCC students

February 15, 2022

Jen Malin started the interview the second she walked in.  “I crumped my hair for this and put it up and now it doesn't look too good but it's okay,...

The baseball team is loaded with 20 freshmen. Mike Davidson, baseball coach, says despite being young and inexperienced, they will make a good showing this season.

Spring sports finally in action

February 15, 2022

With home openers already here and some right around the corner, these teams and coaches are more than ready to start their season. Tennis, softball and...

Anne Weese, director of mental health and sports psychology for K-State, discusses the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness practices.

[Photo] Greenhouse welcomes back a champion

February 14, 2022

Anne Weese, director of mental health and sports psychology for K-State, discusses the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness practices.

Manuel Bustillos, drafting and design technology instructor, works with students to survey the land set aside for the grain elevator project. After the survey is done, concrete will be poured. The modified grain elevator will be near the ag building.

Grain elevator will be newest building on campus

February 9, 2022

Construction on a grain elevator began on the Seward County Community College campus last week. The addition is part of a new program where students may...

Greg Gunderson is set to resign Feb. 11 citing a family emergency. This has left SCCC without a president for the third time in three years.

Third president in three years resigns

February 8, 2022

Seward County Community College’s president resigned after two months on the job. Greg Gunderson released a statement to staff, faculty and students...

Encanto follows the lives of one magical family.

Disney’s “Encanto” is reviewed by SCCC’s very own Madrigal

February 4, 2022

Imagine a movie where all you hear half the time is your own last name. Disney’s “Encanto'' is the first ever movie I have seen with such a unique...

Katie Culwell logs into class via zoom from her bed. The business major still had classes despite campus being closed due to snow.

[Photo] snow day 1

February 3, 2022

Katie Culwell logs into class via zoom from her bed. The business major still had classes despite campus being closed due to snow.

With the previous pieces of information Officer Smiddy had given about taking exact notes of measurement, students Maricruz Aguirre and Shania Castro took precise measurements of the footprints, gunshots, blood smears. Etc. In addition, the students had also learned that taking photos was a crucial part of also getting great evidence.

Gangland shooting reenacted in criminal investigations class

February 2, 2022

Blood splatter, gunshots and gangs — it was a crime scene in the classroom. Students in the criminal investigations class were tasked with solving...

Yolanda Morales born and raised in Liberal and is majoring in education at SCCC.

Yolanda Morales

January 26, 2022

What is your biggest pet peeve? Why?  My biggest pet peeve is whenever I go to the gym and people drop the weights. A lot of people tend to over exaggerate...

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