16 strikeouts lead to victory after a loss


Seyun Park

Javier Gomez, Ranse Radtke and Jase Schneider celebrate by colliding their helmets together. Saints baseball lost the first game with a score of 7-2, and then they won their second game with a score of 11-0.

Seward County Community College baseball started off yesterday pretty rough with a loss of 7-2 against Garden City Community College. However, the day ended with a second game win of 11-0. The Saints are now 10-21 on the season and 3-7 in the conference.

“We did not take care of the ball and we had four passed balls which cost us four runs and we just did not do anything offensively,” Mike Davidson, head coach, said. 

Davidson tells his players what they can do better or how they can make improvements for their game.

Throwing the ball, Luke Williams has 15 putouts overall so far this season. During the first game Williams hit a homerun, and this now puts his record for two homeruns overall. (Seyun Park)

During the first game in the bottom of the third, Luke Williams, infielder, tied the game with a homerun. In the bottom of the fourth Ranse Radtke, outfielder, scored another run for Seward County. 

Jase Schneider, an infielder from Austin, Texas, said the first game definitely had more weaknesses than strengths. 

“We started off pretty slow, we gave up a few runs and we kinda just settled in which made it too late to come back,” Schneider said. 

In the second and sixth innings, there were no scores and by the end of it Garden City Community College built up enough momentum to get two more runs in. 

However, that was only one of the two games played for the day. 

“We just need to get ready to play and get going for game two and see what happens,” Davidson said in between the doubleheader. 

Schneider, who started the first game by grounding out, stepped up to the home plate for the beginning of the second game and hit a double. Another hit by Radtke and Schneider scored the first run of the second game. The team’s bats came alive and at the end of the first inning rally, the Saints led 6-0. 

Pitching the ball, Tristan Curless got 16 strikeouts during the second game. Curless now has a record of 47 strikeouts so far for his pitching career. (Seyun Park)

Schneider hit a homerun in the bottom of the fifth, Conner Cox, an outfielder from Wichita Falls, Texas, hit a homerun in the bottom of the sixth. Then Schneider hit another home run making it back to back in the bottom of the sixth bringing Javier Gomez, center, home. 

The batters were not the only thing to bring this win to Seward — Tristan Curless, a left-handed pitcher from Amarillo Texas, had a 16 strikeout game. 

Swinging the bat, Jase Schneider hit two homeruns during the second game. Schneider got three runs in total during the second game which puts his record to 38 runs overall. (Seyun Park)

“I just wanted to play with the best of my abilities and win – which meant throwing fastballs and curveballs the whole game,” Curless said. 

Many of the players agreed that Curless led the team in the second game. 

“Tristan absolutely dominated and with a great lead and a great pitcher it is easier to get those hits in, ” Schnieder said. 

Seward takes the field against Broncbusters once again on Saturday at Garden City with the first pitch starting at 1 pm. Schnieder believes that if they score first they should not fall behind, but if they do, pitching well, having a good defense and battling at the plate should lead them to victory.