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Students voice opinions on possible TikTok ban in U.S.

The U.S. moved a step closer to ban TikTok after the House of Representatives passed a bill calling for the app’s Chinese developer ByteDance to give up the rights from the company or be booted out of U.S. app stores. The main reason the U.S. is so worried about the app is because it believes China could access data and influence Americans through social media to be addicted to the app. Not only that but many people want to set a law that requires parents to directly consent to the use of the app from children under 13″

Legislators and the White House are at odds of banning the app because it could infringe on freedom of speech since there are over 170 million users, representing half of the country. The company TikTok has denied all accusations and has made a statement saying “We are not owned or controlled by the Chinese government, this is a private company.” 

Do you believe that TikTok is a private company and isn’t controlled by the Chinese government or do you believe TikTok was invented to share our US data and secretly “destroy” us by getting information on the U.S. and or making us addicted to it? 

The feelings of TikTok users then comes into place, with the question of how they feel toward one of the most popular apps in the world trying to be deleted. 

For example, when asking Jose Moran, Walmart associate in Liberal, how he feels towards the ban, he described his opinions over the ban very truthfully. 

“Honestly in my opinion I just think that there’s no reason to ban tiktok,” Moran said. It’s entertaining and I get why they would want to ban it since there are concerns about national security and potential data privacy issues. Overall, I don’t think they should ban TikTok, only the people using it for bad reasons.” 

Some people also say that the interference of national security is one of the most important subjects of the TikTok ban. According to welding major Jovanny Baeza, he goes into great detail about the ban and national security. 

“I think that this is a really hot topic and I understand why they would want to ban TikTok since China is basically pulling a Russia and trying to meddle with our national security,” Baeza said. “I personally would like to keep TikTok but if it needs to be banned because of our safety and security, so be it.” 

While the issue being the TikTok ban and national security, another issue also encouraging the ban being minors allowed to use TikTok without consent and parental vision also comes into play. 

For example, science major Jenni Lopez gives her opinion on whether or not she likes the idea of minors being allowed to use the app. 

“I think parents – especially of young kids – should always be able to look at their child’s accounts through every platform,” Lopez said. “No kid should be allowed to have an account without their parents’ consent.”

These opinions on whether minors should be allowed on TikTok are very important, especially when this is a big issue right now. TikTok allowing minors on TikTok without an issue will not end well for this case. 

Most opinions on this topic come from if they would allow their own children to be on the app, and most opinions are absolutely correct.

“In my opinion, I wouldn’t allow my kids to have it unless I could see what they were doing at all times,” said science major Athziry Marquez. “The world is a scary place and no kids should be on the app unless it is kid friendly.”

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Nubia Rodriguez
Nubia Rodriguez, Reporter
Nubia Rodriguez is an 18-year-old freshman majoring in business administration and mass communications. Rodriguez plans to transfer to Kansas University to pursue her bachelor's degree once she graduates from SCCC, hoping to become a digital content creator or dabble in digital media marketing. She is excited to continue her involvement with TRIO and HALO this year. She enjoys making cute Instagram posts and playing tennis and golf in her free time.
Lily Gonzalez
Lily Gonzalez, Reporter
Lizett Gonzalez - also known as “Lily” - is a 19-year-old from Moscow, Kansas. She is a freshman majoring in ultrasound tech. Lily is the second daughter of 4 in her family. She enjoys hanging out with friends, photography and playing basketball. When in high school, Lily hit 1,000 career points at her school and claims she accomplished one of her biggest dreams already, with another dream of hers being to graduate and pursue her ultrasound career.
Zoe Lampe
Zoe Lampe, Reporter
Zoe Lampe is an 18-year-old freshman from Eaton, Colorado. She majors in mass communications. Lampe is excited to be starting college as well as being a part of the Lady Saints softball team. She loves to hang out with friends, play board games and go on random adventures. Lampe can't wait to see where life takes her.
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