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A move that changed everything

Davila's life changes from being a free spirit to an employee trying to survive

May 4, 2022

She was a free soul in Tepechitlan, Zacatecas living in a world where her life was her choice and felt as if she was on top of the world. She had her brothers and her mom in her favorite place, however, in a blink of an eye she suddenly fell and had to find a way to get back up.

Paola Vanesa Davila, a mathematics major from Tepechitlan, Zacatecas, and lived there until she was 14. Davila moved in with her father at Gruver, Texas against her wishes because of her behavior in Mexico. (Photo Courtesy of Paola Vanesa Davila)

Paola Vanesa Davila, a mathematics major from Tepechitlan, Zacatecas went from living with her mom in Mexico to living with her dad in a small town known as Gruver, Texas. 

Vanesa Davila is a student, sister, daughter and employee that made what seemed impossible become possible in her life now. 

“Tepechitlan is a small town but there was always something to do or somewhere to be,” Davila mentioned. 

It was a beautiful place where the leaves were green and there was always a nice light breeze. It was never too hot or cold, it always seemed just right.

“Tepechitlan is just a place filled with amazing nature,” Davila said.


Vanesa Davila had to move at the age of 14 due to her behavior in Mexico which took her by surprise. 

“I would just go out quite a bit to the point where my mom couldn’t get me under control and I started to make bad decisions in Mexico,” she said. 

She left for Gruver, Texas, where she said that there was literally nothing to do except go to the gym. 

“If you have never lived in a small town, think of it as a regular town but only with three blocks and a gas station,”  Vanesa Davila said. 

Her life changed in a matter of seconds because her reality ended up turning into a dream. She asked to go out but was not allowed. She wanted to take a quick cruise around the block and her dad would not allow it. Anything she believed was okay, her dad disagreed which forced her to be stuck in the house.

“My dad was just a little more on the strict side because in Mexico I was acting out and he was just trying to get me under control,” Vanesa Davila said. 

Since leaving Mexico, Davila has worked multiple jobs to provide herself with the help of her dad occasionally. She is described by her sister, Brianna Davila, as hilarious and hardworking.
(Photo Courtesy of Paola Vanesa Davila)

The move was even harder because growing up he never saw her perspective on things. It felt as if any accomplishment she achieved never seemed to please him. Vanesa Davila’s understood why he was a bit overprotective — at the same time the person she was in Mexico is someone she never wants to fully go back to. 

Although it was a big and complicated change for her, her sister could not be happier about Vanesa Davila’s move to the United States.

“Vanesa has always been a good role model and she is always there for me,” Brianna Davila, her younger sister, said. 

Vanesa Davila tried to be her best at home by being there for them or just being someone to talk to. 

“I am sure everyone has come across those types of people that can talk for days but you have to stop them, well that’s Vanesa,” her sister said. 

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, Vanesa could be a bit naive and we have argued about little stuff like sharing a room but it was never anything bad or anything I could not handle,” Brianna Davila said. 

Brianna Davila describes her sister as hilarious but with Vanesa Davila, there can be some embarrassing moments. While attending church together every Sunday, their seat always seemed to change. 

“We would sit depending on where this guy Vanesa had the biggest crush on would sit,” Brianna Davila said. “Vanesa would try and talk to him but he never seemed to pay any attention but she never gave up.”

Working to survive 

Hardworking is a trait Vanesa Davila has had from a young age. Her sister shared that Vanesa Davila has always worked whether it was on the farm, at school or in the house — there was never a break. 

“It is not surprising that she is currently working two jobs while going to school — I mean it sounds like something Vanesa could get done,” Brianna Davila said. 

Vanesa Davila works two jobs in order to keep up with paying her rent and college bills without any help from her dad since he cut her off. 

“I believe that he is just trying to teach me responsibility and he does help me when something breaks in the truck or if I need gas to go visit but sometimes it does get hard,” Vanesa Davila said. 

Davila works two jobs at the moment to pay all of her bills and to send money to her mom. Davila’s sister is not surprised that she is working while going to jobs because Davila has always worked whether it was on the farm, at school or in the house. (Jessica Madrigal )

Vanesa Davila’s mom is back in Mexico which is not helpful in her situation, if anything it just adds more to her life because not being able to see her mom is a painful feeling. She works not only for herself but also for her mom as she sends money back home.

Vanesa Davila’s old boss, Diana Chavira, the recruiter and counselor of admissions, could not agree more with Davila’s younger sister about her work ethic.  

“Vanesa stays on top of her work and when she sets her mind to something she gets it done,” Chavira said. 

She mentioned how Vanesa Davila works so much that she overworks herself almost always. 

Although she works all of the time while being a full-time student, Vanesa Davila never fails to put a smile on her face and make everyone around her feel important.

Paulina Reyes, Vanesa Davila’s friend, describes how she has always stayed optimistic through her worst times.

She has a hard life, it’s not difficult to figure that out. Some students can not imagine a life where they have to pay for their school, while paying bills, with no help, yet she still does it. 

Regardless of the challenges Vanesa Davila faces, she is still always looking for a good time like going dancing with her girls at the club.

“My life can be upside down with no hope left whatsoever but I have come to learn at the end of the day there is always going to be that light at the end of the tunnel,” Vanesa Davila stated. 

Although her life is challenging and hard to overcome at times, she makes the most of what she can and never skips out on a good time to be around her family or friends. 

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