Disney’s “Encanto” is reviewed by SCCC’s very own Madrigal


Courtesy of Disney

“Encanto” follows the lives of one magical family.

Every kid in the Madrigal family gets their magical powers by opening they new bedroom door –except Mirabel. (Courtesy of Disney )

Imagine a movie where all you hear half the time is your own last name. Disney’s “Encanto” is the first ever movie I have seen with such a unique last name such as mine. However, the name of the family was not the only thing that caught my attention but just one out of many unique things about this movie.

“Encanto” is a movie about a family, but not just any family, a magical family. Every kid gets a magical power by opening a door to their new bedroom and embracing their new gift. However the main character, Mirabel, does not get one. While tension between Mirabel and her grandma builds up, the house that comes to life is in trouble and it’s up to Mirabel to fix it. 

My favorite character in this movie would be the main character Mirabel. She is an inspiring character with a warm heart who only ever wants to help. When she didn’t get her own power she was still encouraging to the kids who were up next after her. She never stopped trying even when her grandma did everything in her power to make her feel like she should. Mirabel was positive and optimistic throughout the whole movie.

Mirabel is the main character without magical powers but has a warm heart. (Courtesy of Disney )

I would say that my favorite part in this movie is when Mirabel makes new discoveries within the house to help her fix the cracks that keep building up. Everything she was doing and needed to prove to her grandma finally started to unveil once she found these discoveries. 

Of course with the happy parts also comes the sad parts. I would say there are a few sad parts that had me tearing up a bit. For example, when she was talking with her grandma and her facial expressions at times about not feeling worthy really got to me but also made the happy parts just that much better.    

The music in this movie also plays a big role in how popular this movie has gotten. I have seen quite a few TikToks with songs from the movie where TikTokers are dancing around or singing along with a microphone because they love the music that much. The songs played are up beat, catchy and could make anyone want to get up and sing. The songs in my opinion are another part of the movie I really fell in love with.

I would not say that “Encanto” is just for kids. I think that it is more of a family movie. Personally, I have been home and have seen my Mom watching “Encanto” with my younger siblings multiple times because it’s just that good. Most of the time when I get home from anywhere it is always on the TV, ever since it came out because if it’s not one of my siblings it’s the other.

I do have to admit, I love movies with a good message that come along with them. In my opinion the message that came from this movie is that when you feel as if you are not enough – you still are enough. Mirabel, the main character with no gift, was the hero of the whole movie even though she had no super strength or could grow flowers like her sisters. I think she was the message to the viewers — which was a big part of the movie. 

Overall I do think “Encanto” is a catchy movie that I can’t just see once or twice. “Encanto” is that kind of movie that if it’s playing I can sit and watch it like it is my first time ever seeing it and not just because it says my unique last name over and over again. I would – without a doubt – give Disney’s “Encanto” a 5/5 star rating.