Slim in just 3 minutes

Jessica Madrigal, Reporter

Imagine a world without double chins or wrinkles, where skin never looks saggy or old. I would say that it wasn’t possible but in the matter of three minutes it is.

A face slimmer is a product used to get rid of wrinkles, double chins and helps shape one’s face. It is a product that has benefited me in the matter of a week.

Missing a day of working her face is like missing leg day at the gym for Jessica Madrigal. She loved the Face Slimmer. (Courtesy Photo)

I work out almost everyday and if I skipped it isn’t just because I don’t feel like it but because I got occupied with something more important. However, as much guilt as I feel when I miss my workouts, never working on my face leaves me with no guilt whatsoever.

I have had those thoughts about my double chin or my cheeks getting too big, but I never thought much about working on my flaws until I tried the face slimmer. 

The way the face slimmer works is it goes in between the teeth in order to hold it in place and once it’s in place it works its magic. 

After I tried this the first time it kept popping out because it was slippery and the rubber was hard to get a grip on. It wouldn’t stay in place but once I got the hang of it, it was not bad at all and the rubber worked with my teeth to stay in place.

Once I started to do the exercises for it my mouth started to water up with my saliva, which  made me have to keep a paper towel right next to me so it wouldn’t overflow. In an odd way, it made it feel as if it was working. 

While it was working correctly it also started to come out every now and then and scrape my gums a little bit but the first time doing any workout is always the hardest. 

Two minutes into just talking or laughing I felt my cheeks tighten up and it got harder to keep over exaggerating my vowels.

Jessica Madrigal swears she could feel her facial muscles tightening just like the instructions promised. (Courtesy Photo)

It was like doing a plank for a minute but that minute seemed like an hour. However, once I get done with the minute plank it feels great. After saying my vowels out loud for three minutes that seem like five, the face slimmer feels great.

Once it came off, my face felt slimmer than ever before. I looked in the mirror only to see my results were noticeable right away because I couldn’t even recognize myself. My cheeks were sore only after three minutes and I know I like a good sore after leg day, which takes about two hours every other day. 

I also thought the price for this workout machine was extremely cheap. I went to and searched up “gnker facial slimmer” and the first one that popped up was only $5.99 or another one that included five for $17.95.

It brought me so much happiness and confidence to see how much my appearance changed over the week that I can say I haven’t skipped a single face day.

I would say with all the compliments I have already received it is worth the buy and the time.