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The student news site of Seward County Community College

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The student news site of Seward County Community College

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Jessica is studying to become a dentist hygienist because of her own experience with having braces and she looks forward to being able to interact with patients one-on-one in the future

Jessica Hendrick

Destiny Vasquez and Madelyn Garrison | November 13, 2020

W hat fictional character do you relate to the most and why? I relate to Katniss Everdeen the most, because she is a fearless lady who wasn’t afraid to step up to defend her little sister. I find...

Allegra Tomores,  who is music major shows off her musical talent by practicing her trumpet in one of the music room in the Humanities building.

Allegra Tomores

Destiny Vasquez and Madelyn Garrison | November 11, 2020

What is your favorite childhood memory Going to California since I was able to visit the  beach for the first time.  What was the scariest moment of your life It was coming home to find  out...

One of the places you can find Slade is possibly at a computer where more then likely he is working on learning some sort of computer software for a class or for fun

Slade Frisby

Destiny Vasquez | November 6, 2020

What takes up most of your time nowadays?  Homework takes up a lot of my time and it's not just a specific class it's all of them and with this semester it’s been crazy  What is the most relaxing...

Alexia Pavia enjoys being able to sit down and work on her art whenever she has the chance to.

Alexia Pavia

Destiny Vasquez | October 23, 2020

What is your biggest fear?  Failing and disappointing others mostly because growing up I would have people encourage me and I grew up not wanting to disappoint them and make them proud. What is...

Araseli Basurto

Araseli Basurto

Destiny Vasquez | October 9, 2020

In the summer would you rather go to the beach or go camping? why? The beach, because I find it relaxing just hearing the waves crash against the shore. But also my mom loves the ocean and I think I...

Nil Moinet

Nil Moinet

October 2, 2020

Who is your hero?  "Gael Monfils. He is a professional tennis player from the same island as me. When I was younger, I wanted to be just like him." What motivates you to work hard?  "The fact...

Roque Revles Montelongo

Roque Revles Montelongo

Destiny Vasquez , Club Multi-Media Reporter | September 25, 2020

What is your favorite place that you have traveled to and why? "My favorite memory is going to LA to visit my family for Christmas last year. I took a train from Garden City all the way to LA. It was...

Staying close to home was a high priority for Valeria Ruvalcaba when choosing a college.

Valeria Ruvalcaba

Anthony Nieto and Krisi Anderson | September 8, 2020

Valeria Ruvalcaba is a freshman from Liberal. She chose to come to SCCC because it allowed her to be close to her family. She said it will give her time to decide what she wants to do.  She wants to...

Kailey Linenbroker, freshman accounting major, hangs out in the student union between classes. The spot for student is still active even with social distancing taking place.

Kailey Linenbroker

Mary Ramirez and Jaylon Essix | August 31, 2020

Where are you from? I’ve lived in Liberal for about ten years now, but I’m originally from northern Idaho. What are you majoring in? I am currently majoring in accounting but it's not...

Reagan Watt

Reagan Watt

Krisi Anderson and Anthony Nieto | August 28, 2020

Reagan Watt is a freshman at SCCC. She received a scholarship to play softball. She also chose to come here because it was closer to home, as her family lives here in Liberal. She plans to get an education...

Sitting outside the library, Jessica Erives hangs out between classes. The pre-med major has lived in Kansas for most of her life.

Jessica Erives

Jaylon Essix and Mary Ramirez | August 27, 2020

Where are you from? I am from Liberal and have been here most of my life, but I also lived in Nebraska for four years. What is your major? I am majoring in pre-med. It's been good so far,...

Darcy Smith works and attends Seward County Community College. She said it can be tough at times to balance school and work.

Darcy Smith

Victoria Martins, Photographer | March 6, 2020

Are you a sophomore or freshman?  They call me a super sophomore. What is a fun fact about you?  I think I have a hidden sense of humor (laughs). If you could have a superpower, which one...

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