Kevin Gleason

Kaiserslautern, Germany – Social Science Instructor


Daniel Rodriguez

Kevin Gleason spends time either around campus or in his office when he’s not teaching a class. When in his office he relaxes while working.

What made you want to be a historian?

Stories, I love the stories. They are more fascinating than movies or TV shows.

Which of your pets would you say is your favorite?

Hands down Jude because I saved him. I was meeting some people out front. They said “what’s that at your feet?” I saw a kitty. He was small and sick. I brought him in and got him some food and medicines.

Kevin Gleason is a military brat that spent most of his childhood raised in Germany. Following his family’s example Gleason is also a part of the military. (Daniel Rodriguez)

What’s been one of your best moments since coming to Kansas?

I don’t know. Coming to work everyday? I never have a bad day. I work with extremely supportive people. It’s one of the best places I ever worked.

What’s one thing you think everyone should have in their lives?

Joy, some type of joy in their lives. Life can be pretty rough so everyone needs some kind of joy.

Do you have any traditions that you don’t mind sharing?

We didn’t really get to do it this year, but putting up the Christmas tree after Halloween. November is like a pre-Christmas

Who would you say has been a big influence on your life?

Pretty much everyone you meet has some kind of influence on your life. Obviously parents and friends are a big one, but I’d say everyone I’ve met has influenced my life.

What advice from your past would you say has been an influence on you?

I’m an amalgamate of all my past experiences. There’s no one thing that I would say “oh my god, it changed my life.”

As a historian, is there any moment in history you might want to see for yourself? If not maybe something you would want to change?

No, not at all. I’ve been asked that many times. Nope, never. No AC, no water bottles, no music. 

The past is full of mistakes and we trip and fall as humans but I wouldn’t want to change the past.

What got you into watching anime?

I think we started watching it when I was in Philadelphia. I think “Cowboy Bebop” was the first, back when you had to get anime on DVD’s. They’re just different from westernized media.

What other parts of nerd culture are you a part of?

Anything fantastical. Living in the real world is crushing. Sci-fi, fantasy, so long as it has a good story I’m there.