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The student news site of Seward County Community College

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The student news site of Seward County Community College

Crusader News

Jennifer Lopez smiles wide when posing for a photo after reading for art appreciation class. Besides studying,, Lopez also works as an RA.

Jennifer Lopez

Roselyne Garay, Reporter
August 31, 2023

Who are you, and where are you from?  My name is Jennifer Lopez. I am from Ulysses, Kansas. I grew up in Ulysses my whole life. I was born and raised...

Paulina Reyes-Espinoza sits in the stands of a basketball game in the fall as she cheers for the Saints basketball team to win. Reyes-Espinoza is incredibly involved in Seward County Community College, as she has been a part of TRIO, the cheer team, housing, and a student tutor.

Paulina Reyes-Espinoza

Ashanti Thompson, Multimedia Editor
May 9, 2023

What’s one TV show you want to be in?  “Modern Family”, because they always find something fun to do, they travel anywhere they want and they...

Kevin Gleason spends time either around campus or in his office when he’s not teaching a class. When in his office he relaxes while working.

Kevin Gleason

Daniel Rodriguez, Reporter
May 1, 2023

What made you want to be a historian? Stories, I love the stories. They are more fascinating than movies or TV shows. Which of your pets would you...

Mass Communications major, Jimmy Sorunke is a sophomore from Rockville, Maryland. Sorunke plays for the mens basketball team, and he has hopes that he will play in the NBA.

Jimmy Sorunke

Ashanti Thompson, Multimedia Editor
January 24, 2023

What is one thing on your bucket list you have not completed?   Well, I have a long bucket list, but one thing I would really love to do is go and...

Grandez relaxes on the couch in the music cave. He does this often while waiting for his friends.

Daniel Grandez

Daniel Rodriguez, Reporter
January 19, 2023

If there’s one place in Liberal you’d recommend food from, where is it and why? El Pastorsito. They have good food. A lot of people like it and...

Psychology major, Sara Schumacher is a freshman from Elkhart. Schumacher has hopes of becoming the best therapist so that she can help anyone who needs help.

Sara Schumacher

Brianna Rich, Photo Editor
January 17, 2023

What would your perfect day look like? A perfect day for me would look like a time at the park hanging out with my friends or with my boyfriend. What...

 Jasmine Caamal is a freshman with her hometown being Liberal. She is majoring in marketing and works part time at Brown’s Shoe Store.

Jasmine Camaal

Megan Berg, Feature Editor
November 10, 2022

Who would you say is the most influential person in your life? How have they influenced you?  My dad. He is hardworking, keeps himself busy, and thrives...

Super sophomore, Rosa Turcios is majoring in Liberal Arts, and she is from Guymon, Oklahoma. Turcios describes herself as yellow for a color because it is a happy color.

Rosa Turcios

Brianna Rich, Photo Editor
September 30, 2022

What is the quote you go by? Why? The quote that I go by right now is fake it till you make it because when you fake it it eventually just becomes habitual,...

Arts major, D’Arrah Allen is a freshman from Los Angeles. During her time here at Seward County Community College, she has been a part of the women’s basketball team.

D’Arrah Allen

Laura Gillespie and Brianna Rich
April 27, 2022

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given and who said it? I think the biggest advice is to trust the process, believe in yourself and stay humble....

Arts major, Bri Linnear is a freshman from Denver, Colorado. During her time here at Seward County Community College, she has been on the women’s basketball team.

Bri Linnear

Dani Arellano, Multimedia Editor
April 26, 2022

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? I wish I could teleport, and I would probably use it to teleport between my home and here.  What...

Pre-Nursing major, Yancie Franklin is a freshman from Campo, Colorado. During her time here at Seward County Community College, she has been on the cheerleading squad.

Yancie Franklin

Laura Gillespie, Editor
April 21, 2022

When did you start cheerleading?  I started to cheer my freshman year of high school. I cheered for two years there and then tried out for the team...

Helping as an athletic trainer, Alonzo Mendoza is a sophomore from Spearman, Texas. Mendoza is a pre-medical major because he wants to help as many athletes as he can.

Alonzo Mendoza

Melvin Le and Laura Gillespie
April 8, 2022

How do you plan to spend Good Friday and Easter? I plan to go home and spend it with my family since we’re Catholic. They want me to go eat fish with...

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