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Dani Arellano

Dani Arellano, Multimedia Editor

Daniela “Dani” Arellano is a returning third-year student from Hugoton. Arellano graduated in 2021 with her Associate of Science degree and is currently finishing up her Associate of Art degree. Her favorite pastimes are watching her younger sister Angela's sports games, hanging out with her best friends and binge-watching Netflix. Her hopes and dreams are to eventually leave Southwest Kansas and travel before settling down and working at her dream job [whatever that is].

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Saints on the Street: Students talk summer plans and future advice

Saints on the Street: Students talk summer plans and future advice

Dani Arellano, Multimedia Editor
May 6, 2022

On this episode of Saints on the Street, reporter Dani Arellano hits the lecture halls and hang out spots to talk about summer plans. Alot of students...

Elizabeth Horeink stands as she tutors a student on Intermediate Algebra courses. Shandon Classen, an advisor and transfer coordinator, who is head of the tutoring lab mentioned that he has even seen Horeink put effort into trying to help students although it may be some classes that she has never even taken such as Accounting.

Seizing Success

Dani Arellano, Multimedia Editor
May 3, 2022

As students partake in some extracurricular activities on Seward County Community College campus, some students such as Elizabeth Horinek find themselves...

Choir instructor Magda Silva traded places with one of her mentored students Allegra Temores. Silva mentioned that Temores was usually extremely quiet and reserved, she also complimented her willingness to not shy away from the opportunity she had to lead the choir during one of the performances.

[Photo] SCCC Spring Concert honors veterans

Choir instructor Magda Silva traded places with one of her mentored students Allegra Temores. Silva mentioned that Temores was usually extremely quiet...

Arts major, Bri Linnear is a freshman from Denver, Colorado. During her time here at Seward County Community College, she has been on the women’s basketball team.

Bri Linnear

Dani Arellano, Multimedia Editor
April 26, 2022

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? I wish I could teleport, and I would probably use it to teleport between my home and here.  What...

These talented actors stood in formation as they sang a variety of songs. From singing about the exciting bee to having one actor singing about knowing six languages, there were a variety of great performances given.

SCCC puts on musical for the first time in two years

Dani Arellano, Multimedia Editor
April 25, 2022

From hearing the crowd buzz with laughter, gasp in shock, and cheer with exuberance; it is no big surprise to announce that this year’s play at Seward...

Beginning ESL instructor Victoria Bangs points to vocabulary of the week as students learn to differentiate personal pronouns. Bangs mentioned that her favorite part of teaching is watching students progress. “I got the chance to see one of my students arrive knowing close to nothing of English and now she takes classes at the college.”

A great pathway to education for all

Dani Arellano, Multimedia Editor
April 12, 2022

Seward County Community College offers many degrees, certificates and programs where students are able to find opportunities to grow and succeed. The Adult...

The E-boutique was originally started by Lisa Kennedy, a former instructor, and she started the boutique because she wanted to help students get proper attire for their first impression interviews or even any formal event. The Phi Beta Lambda club now runs it and their hours are Thursdays from 12:30-2:00 p.m.

PBL brings fashion to aid students’ future

Dani Arellano and Melvin Le
March 29, 2022

As college students continuously deal with many different obstacles during their academic careers, many might find themselves wanting a part-time job....

CNA, Alexia Torres, participated in the Pancake flipping challenge. Its tradition to see who can flip it the most times. Local schools even have these competitions during the week.

Community celebrates Pancake Day

Dani Arellano, Reporter
March 2, 2022

Races, pancake eating contests, and parades; these are just a few of the numerous activities that went on in the community yesterday in Liberal. With...

With Feb. coming to an end, SCCC students share their views on relationships.

Podcast: Let’s talk about love

Reece Hay and Dani Arellano
February 23, 2022

It's Feb. and you know what that means... love is in the air. But, that doesn't mean that loving is always sweet. Reporters Reece Hay and Dani Arellano...

[Left to Right] Clemente Rojo, Israel Banuelos and Adrian Torres grin in front of the Chicago Bean after a long morning of workshops and conferences. Rojo said, “It was a nice experience as president to connect with our fellow members on a deeper connection that you dont experience in so short of time at our meetings on Wednesdays.”

HALO escapes Kansas

Dani Arellano, Reporter
February 22, 2022

Throughout the halls of Seward County Community College, there are hidden gems of activities to do and clubs to join. Whether it is finding a passion in...

Macey Merydith is a first-year pre-nursing student from Booker, Texas. Merydith is a full-time commuting college student who balances working at Ninja Sushi Steakhouse and her future dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse.

Macy Merydith

Dani Arellano and Ashanti Thompson
February 18, 2022

Why did you decide to come to Seward County Community college and where do you plan to transfer?  I had a couple of different reasons as to why I decided...

Bennett starts as president, tries to re-earn trust

Laura Gillespie and Dani Arellano
February 17, 2022

The last time Brad Bennett was on campus in June he left “bawling,” already regretting his decision to step away from education. Now, Bennett is back...

Feb. is Black History Month and Crusader Dani Arellano sits down with students to talk about its importance.

Podcast: Acknowledging Our History

Dani Arellano, Reporter
February 16, 2022

In this episode of Saints Stories, reporter Dani Arellano gets the chance to talk to Shatarrika Ross, a student, and Tre Stafford, a student-athlete, about...

Snow days don’t stop SCCC from having class or fun

Dani Arellano and Crusader Staff
February 3, 2022

Whether it is staying inside cozied up on the couch with a good show, playing in six-inches of snow or going to work in extreme cold conditions, snow days...

Students Andrea Andrade, Shania Castro, Maricruz Aguirre teamed up to confront the problem and questions everyone had: ‘What happened?’, ‘Who did it?’. ‘Is there any evidence or samples left behind?’ In groups, the students had the primary objective of learning how to properly record the crime scene, the evidence left behind, etc.

[Photo] Gangland shooting reenacted in criminal investigations class

Jessica Madrigal, Reporter
February 2, 2022

Students Andrea Andrade, Shania Castro, Maricruz Aguirre teamed up to confront the problem and questions everyone had: ‘What happened?’, ‘Who did...

[Video] Saints on the Street: Students elaborate on their ending semester thoughts

Dani Arellano, Reporter
December 7, 2021

The semester feels like it lasted forever, yet just started yesterday. In this edition of Saints on the Street, student reflect back and say "thank you"...

This years choir concert consisted of six Christmas theme songs. The choir performed in front of a full house.

Music all the way

Dani Arellano, Reporter
December 6, 2021

Las Delicias Taco Truck

Dani Arellano and Reece Hay
November 29, 2021

Whether you are starving, browsing and looking to try new foods or craving mouth-watering goodness, you can bet that Las Delicias Taco Truck will be sure...

Podcast: discover tips, survive your finals

Podcast: discover tips, survive your finals

Brooke Katen, Reece Hay, and Dani Arellano
November 29, 2021

An essential episode of  Crusader News Podcast handles the difficulties of finals week and how to stay motivated throughout the chaos it can bring. Three...

Instructor Terry Barres standing on her back demonstrating an exercise. The class copied the instructors movements in the water.

Aqua aerobics is more than a class

Dani Arellano, Reporter
November 16, 2021

“What goes on in the pool, stays in the pool!”  Those words echoed throughout the indoor aquatics center as members of the aqua aerobics class...

Crusader Dani Arellano asks students around campus who their favorite artist is.

Who is your favorite artist?

Dani Arellano, Reporter
November 4, 2021

  “I don’t know!”  “Umm…” one student said as she laughed and pulled out her phone to look at her playlist while she grinned.   These...

Podcast: Putting a ring on it

Podcast: Putting a ring on it

Dani Arellano, Reporter
November 2, 2021

During this episode of the Crusader News Podcast, our reporter Dani Arellano sits down to discuss what wedding planning while also managing school, work,...

Whos your NFL team?

Who’s your NFL team?

Dani Arellano, Reporter
October 18, 2021

With the start of fall, some people tend to think about things like pumpkin spice, leaves falling and Thanksgiving. Others, however, immediately think,...

TRIO is a federally funded grant program that helps student in college. They offer tutoring, help navigating college and enrollment, transfer help and much more. The SCCC TRIO offices are located at A125, or across the hall from financial aid.

TRIO offers help in a lot of ways

Dani Arellano, Reporter
October 13, 2021

A lot of first-year students come to college worried about things such as where to find their classes, what clubs are available and how to find the way...

Test? What test?

Test? What test?

Dani Arellano, Reporter
September 28, 2021

It’s safe to say that at one point or another everyone can be honest about a fib they have told in the past. We dared students to tell us some of their...

Quintero hopes to make impact

Quintero hopes to make impact

Dani Arellano, Reporter
September 27, 2021

“I want to have a big impact on the Hispanic community,” those are the words that Elisa Quintero exclaimed when discussing what she sees for herself...

During the volleyball quarantine, players were able to keep up with classes with the help of Zoom.

SCCC encourages students to follow current COVID protocols

Ana Brangioni and Dani Arellano
September 2, 2021

Seven members of the Lady Saints volleyball team were quarantined on Aug. 30 due to one positive case within the program. Due to COVID protocols, the Lady...

Jordan Crowder is a freshman that is studying to work in Sports Management.

Jordan Crowder

Brooke Katen and Dani Arellano
August 30, 2021

What is your biggest pet peeve? People who do not clean up after themselves. What is your most embarrassing moment? I tripped walking into class...

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