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Las Delicias Taco Truck

November 29, 2021

Whether you are starving, browsing and looking to try new foods or craving mouth-watering goodness, you can bet that Las Delicias Taco Truck will be sure to hit the spot. 

Las Delicias’ cooks revealed that their most popular meat is Asada and a lot of their food comes with extra add ons such as onions, cilantro, avocados and the mildest to spiciest salsas. 

Overall, the experience at this taco truck was pleasant. The carhop was extremely accommodating and nice but I would advise you to know how to speak a little bit of Spanish or have google translate if you are not too sure about what to order.

Out of all the tacos, these are some of the mixed comments given by the Crusader staff: 

“The Asada is phenomenal. The taco is a bit spicy because of their salsa but in total it is really good and it is so mouth-watering!”

“The Pastor taco was great as well!” one critic said as she doused the Pastor taco in lime and the spiciest salsa possible and said that it was “not spicy at all!” 

However, the Barbacoa was the least liked by the food critics with comments saying that it was “a bit too greasy and the texture itself was a bit mushy.”

The additional onions, cilantro, limes, etc. are what help make the tacos good depending on each individual’s preference. The green and red salsas give the tacos an additional unique taste. 

We would recommend this taco truck because the crew working was very generous and tried their best to accommodate although English was not their first language this added to our scouring, making our overall experience a 9/10.

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