Who is your favorite artist?

This is the question Crusader Dani Arellano asked SCCC students around campus


Brianna Rich

Crusader Dani Arellano asks students around campus who their favorite artist is.

Dani Arellano, Reporter


“I don’t know!” 

“Umm…” one student said as she laughed and pulled out her phone to look at her playlist while she grinned. 

 These are just some of the reactions I received when asking some of our Seward Saints on campus about their music interests.  Whether your interest in music taste is rap, indie, country etc. it is safe to say that Seward County Community College has a wide variety of great music tastes! These are just a little bit of what they had to say as to what they recommend!

Karlo Krolo choice in favorite artist was a fast one with Eminem the rapper. (Dani Arellano)

Karlo Krolo – Brnaze Sinj, Croatia 

“I don’t know,” said Krolo.

As he racked his brain for an artist, his teammates called out suggestions about a ton of artists they all liked.  

“I’d probably say I’ll have to go with the best answer possible. Keeping it plain and simple: Eminem,” said Krolo.

He mentioned that he enjoys a ton of the music that this artist makes. Even though Krolo initially began to list off various songs he likes, one that really stood out for him from the rapper was “Not Afraid.”

Elisa Bolanos – Liberal 

Elisa Bolanos had the biggest internal debate between two of her favorite artists when asked this question. After pulling out her phone and reviewing each of her artists’ music Bolanos said, 

“I really really really love both The Weeknd and Russ, but I think that Russ has my heart!” 

After a bit of agreement from people around, she went on to mention her two favorite songs from the alternative hip-hop singer.

“Although a ton of his songs are really good, I’d say that it comes down to both Rap or Ride Slow,” said Bolanos.

A Harry Styles fan, Susana Carrillo shows off her Harry Styles shirt. (Dani Arellano )

Susana CarrilloPlains 

“Uhh… you can’t just put me on the spot like that! There are so many artists I really love,” said Carrillo.

 After a little bit of thought Carrillo grinned and said that her favorite artist is Indie/Pop singer, 

“Harry Styles! I really love his music!”

She went on to mention that her favorite Harry Styles’s song has to be “Canyon Moon”

Justine Lespes – Le Teste De-Buch, France

When Lespes was asked about who her favorite artist was, her first question was: 

“Can I choose an international artist? I really love the music from France, not a lot of people know French artists.”

After being assured that it could be any artist, Lespes went on to mention that her favorite is a French rap artist that goes by the name Nekfeu. 

Lespes also went on to say that her favorite song from the French rapper is called “On verra bien.”

Gunner Geist likes country music and when asked to pick a favorite it was an easy choice of Koe Wetzel. (Dani Arellano)

Gunner Geist – Liberal 

Geist’s answer was almost immediate after the question was asked. 

“Koe Wetzel the country singer,” said Geist about his favorite artist. 

In addition, Geist went on to say that he didn’t have any specific song he liked the most because 

“They’re all pretty good, you can’t ever go wrong with Koe Wetzel.”

Seb Holden – Dorking, United Kingdom

After a bit of deliberation from Holden and his teammates, this U.K. native tennis player was able to finally come up with his favorite artist. 

“I don’t know why this question was even hard to answer!” Holden laughed as his teammates agreed. 

“My favorite artist is definitely Juice WRLD.” 

Holden added in that he really enjoys this hip hop/rap artists and that his favorite song is “Roses”. 

Michelle Wahl – Satanta 

“I have the perfect artist!” Wahl exclaimed as she pulled out her phone and grinned. 

“My favorite is a smaller but upcoming artist Faith Richards,”said Wahl.

When Wahl was asked by why this is her favorite artist, she went on to mention that the artist is 

“My childhood best friend and her music actually has meaning! I’d say my favorite song from her is called My Caffeine.”

It is quite notable that SCCC is diverse in more ways than one! Thanks to all the students who participated, Crusader News was able to compile a playlist of a lot of different songs that current students picked, including the one mentioned here! 

The playlist Our Saint’s Campus Favorites can be found on the Spotify @CrusaderNews