Jordan Crowder

Norman, Oklahoma – Major: Sports Management


Dani Arellano

Jordan Crowder is a freshman that is studying to work in Sports Management.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who do not clean up after themselves.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I tripped walking into class on my first day this year. Luckily, I was the first one to walk into class so no one else witnessed it. 

 What are you best known for?

People generally tell me I am known for my good personality. That I am funny, energetic and happy all the time. 

One thing Jordan Crowder can not live without is baseball. Crowder is a current member of the SCCC baseball team. Crowder’s position on the team is as a catcher. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Crowder)

What are three things that you cannot live without?

First, my two dogs Charlie and Alice. They provide a safe comforting space for me at home. Second, is my Mom. She has always been there for me no matter what I have gone through. Third, is probably baseball. I have played since I was three years old, so it has been a part of my life since I could remember.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Chantel Jeffries [Influencer and DJ] 

Who is the most intelligent person you know?

Probably my Grandpa. He has given me some of the most important and valuable life lessons I have ever learned.

What motivated you to come to college or continue your education in general?

I received a scholarship to play baseball here at Seward and I saw it as an opportunity to continue my education. 

Where do you see yourself in five years and then potentially in ten years from now?

In five years, I see myself coaching high school baseball or moving onto a higher organization in sports. In 10 years, hopefully, I will be married with two or three children depending on how I’m feeling and working a good job. Who knows wherever my future takes me… Other than that I would probably continue my baseball career.