Seizing Success

Horinek achieves two new scholarships


Dani Arellano

Elizabeth Horeink stands as she tutors a student on Intermediate Algebra courses. Shandon Classen, an advisor and transfer coordinator, who is head of the tutoring lab mentioned that he has even seen Horeink put effort into trying to help students although it may be some classes that she has never even taken such as Accounting.

As students partake in some extracurricular activities on Seward County Community College campus, some students such as Elizabeth Horinek find themselves enjoying the rush of being part of an array of clubs and organizations. Her involvement has led to multiple scholarship opportunities.  

Horinek is a 19-year-old sophomore from Sublette. She will graduate with an associate’s degree from SCCC. Her future plan to continue her education involves transferring to Fort Hays State University where Horinek will double major in biology and secondary education. So far a lot of her academic decisions have always been rationalized and influenced by many factors. 

“A lot of my decisions were based on costs and community. I came to SCCC because I was awarded the presidential scholarship [making tuition and books free],” Horinek said. 

She shared that another reason she chose to come to SCCC was because of the community Seward offered.

 “I was able to discover a community that truly cares about their students in and out of the classroom,” Horinek said. 

Horinek makes sure to stop and explain before moving on to the next step in the process. Shandon Classen has mentioned that a lot of the time students will ask for Horinek’s help thanks to her willingness to teach and patience. (Dani Arellano)

Horinek participated in many activities the past two years such as being a Presidential Scholar which includes different projects and community service opportunities. Horinek has also been a part of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), an honors society for colleges. She is also involved in Kylix, SCCC’s art club, and in addition to one of her favorites that she helped start: Quiz Bowl. 

She also helped tutor students with any material possible even though she may be learning along with the student. Many of her fellow students and staff continue to credit Horinek for her accomplishments and what they hope to continue to see her do in her future endeavors. 

Shandon Classen, an advisor and transfer coordinator, said, “Elizabeth Horinek continues to prove herself a phenomenal person … She knows how to work and communicate with people and it is a great quality that will continue to propel her in life.” 

With all of Horinek’s accomplishments, Horinek has been awarded two different scholarships. In early April, Horinek was awarded the Coca-Cola Silver Scholarship. This scholarship is specifically in partnership with Phi Theta Kappa honors societies and the scholarship is awarded with the hopes to promote good academics and further college involvement.

Horinek stands with President Bennett after receiving the Coca-Cola Silver Scholarship award. This scholarship was presented just one of the fifty silver scholarships awarded around the country. (Dani Arellano)

Horinek was also awarded the Robert Noyce Scholarship. The Noyce scholarship is intended for students wanting to receive their Bachelor’s degree in teaching. It is meant to help students that are looking to teach math and science in the future since there is a huge need for educators in rural communities. 

This scholarship provides education courses and hands-on training while helping students in this program find places to teach after courses are finished. 

One of Horineks’ close friends and co-workers Jackson Rios praised Horinek’s continuous patience and love for teaching. 

“Do I think she deserves these awards? Definitely. The amount of effort and dedication she puts into her education and responsibilities is mind-blowing. She relishes the opportunity to teach others,” Rios said.