PBL brings fashion to aid students’ future


Brianna Rich

The E-boutique was originally started by Lisa Kennedy, a former instructor, and she started the boutique because she wanted to help students get proper attire for their first impression interviews or even any formal event. The Phi Beta Lambda club now runs it and their hours are Thursdays from 12:30-2:00 p.m.

As college students continuously deal with many different obstacles during their academic careers, many might find themselves wanting a part-time job. While resumes and references are important, first impressions are always critical. Seward County Community College continues to find ways to support its students’ success in more ways than one. SCCC’s own Phi Beta Lambda [PBL] club demonstrates their interests in students’ careers by running an “E-Boutique.” 

Israel Banuelos, President of the PBL, mentioned that the boutique was originally started by a former instructor named Lisa Kennedy, who had the idea to help students attain proper attire for first impression interviews whether it was for a job or any other formal wearing needs. Initially, this boutique was started four years ago and continued running up until the pandemic started.

“After COVID-19 caused classes to go remote, the E-Boutique stopped running. When students were finally able to come back in person, the PBL club kept seeing the clothes just sitting there without the boutique actually running,” Banuelos said.

As the 2022 fall semester came and went, PBL came up with ways to reopen and run the club. After working out the kinks and waiting on the long break, the new 2022 Spring semester started up in January with the E-Boutique having its grand reopening. 

With many different types of clothing, accessories and other miscellaneous needs, students can be sure to be satisfied with what they find. Students can find formal attire such as skirts, slacks, blouses or dresses. In addition to that, students can also find hats, jewelry, shoes, purses and even nursing scrubs. 

With news about this opportunity coming back to campus, PBL found that a lot of questions have been asked. 

“We have our hours of operation listed for Thursdays from 12:30-2:00 pm. Whether it’s myself supervising or having our PBL sponsor, Megan Bryan or any other club member. We are there to help students,” Banuelos said. 

Banuelos added, “Phi Beta Lambda is a club that is open to students who have an interest in leadership skills. As future-building leaders of America, we help with the basics and critical-developing skills such as resumes or getting a connection to real-world opportunities.” 

Surprisingly, not a lot of students know about PBL and the E-Boutique. When asked about PBL, Roque Reveles, a photography major from Plains, had no idea the club existed. However, the club does sound interesting to him. If he was given more time to think about it, he would absolutely join the club.

Reveles is more interested in learning about how to build a website. The E-Boutique, PBL could provide lessons on starting a domain. He would also like to see more advertising for the PBL such as posting about the club online and what they have for people to look up. PBL could branch out to other forms of business like accounting and financing.

“Maybe they could reach out to the more common everyday people,” Reveles said. 

Elizabeth Horinek, a biology major from Sublette, also shared a similar opinion. 

“I feel as though the club is pretty exclusive, as people who aren’t in business or economics majors don’t know much about the organization,” Horinek said. 

The E-Boutique continues to provide opportunities for students looking to impress potential employers. It gives students access to supplies that normally cost a pretty penny and allows them to benefit by looking at articles that are free of charge, thanks to the community.