Who’s your NFL team?

Saints on the Street: Who is your favorite football team and what is your best memory from watching football?

With the start of fall, some people tend to think about things like pumpkin spice, leaves falling and Thanksgiving. Others, however, immediately think, FOOTBALL SEASON! Here are some Seward County Community College students and their thoughts on NFL football teams:

Alliyah Nguyen – Liberal

Well, there are a lot of different teams we root for in my house. For example, my mother and I are personally huge Seattle Seahawk fans while my brothers are big New York Giants or Baltimore Raven fans. You could say there is definitely a lot of rivalries when our teams’ verse. I’d have to say that one of my best memories from watching football was when I was actually at work during the 2020 Super Bowl. I worked at Pizza Hut so you can already imagine how packed it was, the stakes were high and crazy, and the halftime show with J.Lo and Shakira was great.” 

Gannon Hardin – Dallas, Texas

My entire family and I are enormous Dallas Cowboy fans! I was raised in Dallas, Texas so my roots have always led me to cheer the team on. I grew up watching them a ton and it’s just stuck with me. I would say that my best memory from watching football would be getting to watch the Cowboys play on Thanksgiving. Spending the day with family, great food, and my favorite team? Sounds like a great time to me.


Marina Viyanet – Booker, Texas

My favorite team for professional football is the Dallas Cowboys! Mainly because although sometimes we don’t have great seasons, I stay a loyal fan. I am almost always as shocked as everyone when they win. I wouldn’t say it’s a “best memory” rather more just a normal memory haha; but it would probably be every time I thought we would have a good season and I was sadly disappointed, I still love them though!


Reed Thomas Mansfield, Texas

I have to go with my Texas team, the Cowboys. I was born and raised with Texas roots so I’ve never really liked any other NFL team. As for my best memory? I think it would probably have to be going to a lot of the Dallas Cowboys games with my whole family when I was younger.



Yudith Acosta – Liberal

I wouldn’t consider myself a professional football fan but I do love the Denver Broncos. Mainly because it has always been a tradition in my family. My parents love the Broncos and I have just followed tradition. It’s a family thing. I would say my best memory from watching football, in general, has been watching the Denver Broncos since the beginning of this current season, they’re doing pretty good so far.



Jason Schneider – Austin, Texas

I’d say my favorite football team is definitely the Tampa Bay Bucks. My mom grew up in Tampa and so it’s just carried on as a tradition in the family. I am a big fan of all their sports, and I also went to my first professional NFL game there as well. My best memory from football is uh… it would probably be the time we saw Tom Brady and won the Super Bowl. 


Hannah Rosales – Liberal

Ooooooh! This is such a great question, I am a huge Eagles fan! My whole entire family and I are always cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles! I actually remember the time that my entire family and I went to the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri to watch an Eagles versus Kansas City Chiefs game! I remember hearing all the trash talk, the smell of stadium snacks, and all the adrenaline watching everyone cheer and yell (even though we ended up losing). 


Josh Eichstadt – Dallas, Texas

Plain and simple: The Dallas Cowboys! Homegrown in Texas, pretty easy choice of what team to root for really. My best memory regarding professional football would be the time we saw a Cowboys game and the interceptions and plays were great.



Katie Ross – Liberal 

Dallas Cowboys ALL THE DANG WAY! We’re big Dallas Cowboy fans in my household. We love watching the games on Sundays. I’d say that my best memory isn’t even really Cowboys team-related honestly, it’s more football teams in general.

Anyways, my best memory would have to be one time when we were watching a San Francisco 49ers game. It was crazy! We were just all in the living room going crazy, we aren’t even huge 49ers fans but it was just such an intense game to watch!!