D’Arrah Allen

Los Angeles – Major: Art


Brianna Rich

Arts major, D’Arrah Allen is a freshman from Los Angeles. During her time here at Seward County Community College, she has been a part of the women’s basketball team.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given and who said it?

I think the biggest advice is to trust the process, believe in yourself and stay humble. You never know when your opportunity may come. You never know what can happen in a matter of days or weeks. I don’t know who really told me that but I kind of hear that a lot within myself because I  put so much pressure on myself. I know that I have the potential to be something great so I tend to put so much pressure on myself and want stuff now — I don’t really have patience. Just trusting the process and having patience and stuff like that has been a big thing for me to learn throughout my years of college.

If you could play on any professional sports team, women’s or men’s, which one would you choose? 

Los Angeles Lakers. I’m a diehard Lakers fan and would love to play for them. 

If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go and what would you do? 

Belgium. I don’t know why really but I wanna explore Europe. I think Belgium because I watched this show and it talked about this guy, his name was Belgium. It was about a money heist or whatever. I looked it up and it was just, I don’t know — it just grew on me so it is just a place I want to go. I obviously wanna travel anywhere in Europe but Belgium is probably the place I want to get to most. 

Fixing to shoot, D’Arrah Allen thinks about how if she could she would play against Monica from “Love & Basketball” because they are so alike and competitive. Allen would also like to play for the Lakers if she could play for any professional team. (Brianna Rich )

What is your favorite movie and what in particular is your favorite scene? Why?

I actually have two. One of my favorite movies is “Dream Girls” because of Beyonce. Then the other one is “Love & Basketball” because people say I look like her but honestly just the concept of the whole movie. My favorite part of the movie was when she was doing good and then she kind of got a little cocky — she shot the ball and held her follow-through. Then the coach made her sit on the sideline because of her follow-through for the rest of the game. That kind of resonates with me because everybody always says that I’m the type of person sometimes, not cocky, but I kind of do stuff in a way that’s just my personality. The whole movie kind of just reminds me of me so that’s why I just love that movie. 

If you could see any artist in concert, who would you see? What song would you like them to play?

Beyonce, off the top — I love her, I’m a Beehive. My favorite album is Four — there are no skips. Honestly, all the albums are the best of course. The song I would love her to sing is “Irreplaceable” because that was the first song that I got really into her with. My Mom has a video of me singing that song. Beyonce is my go-to forever, Beehive for life. 

If you could pick a color to be what color would you choose?

I would probably be the color black because black goes with everything. I feel like you can always find something unique about the color black. Like it’s just a simple color, you know? Pink and blue you kind of have to fit into that but black can go with anything. and I feel like when you really look into the color black it has significant value. So I feel like I would be the color black.

If you could play one-on-one with anyone in the world, who would it be?

I think I would play Monica from “Love & Basketball” because we play so much alike. People say we look alike and we act the same so I would want to know how that turns out. You can obviously tell she’s competitive — I’m competitive so I would probably wanna play her one-on-one.