Be a hero and donate

Warning: pictures of blood and needles are included in this story 

The smell of antiseptic wafts through the room as donators lay back waiting for needles to pierce their skin. Bags sway slightly as the blood or plasma slowly inflates the plastic. 

This is a view that could be seen walking into the student union. Halo and Seward County Community College partners with the American Red Cross to host a blood donation drive. 

With the help of students, staff, and phlebotomists the American Red cross collects both blood and plasma. Approximately one pint of blood will save up to three lives. Donating blood or plasma is an easy way to do a good deed and be a hero to others. 

The donation process is simple. First, the donator must check to make sure of eligibility. The age requirements are 17 or older in order to donate (16 with parents’ permission). Then after the height and weight requirements are met, the person is ready to come in. An ID card or parents’ permission slip must also be brought with. 

The night before donation, a good night’s sleep and rest is very necessary. To make sure blood flows properly, drink plenty of fluids and eat 2-3 hours before donation. These are all safety measures because the body is not used to lacking a pint of blood.  

When it is time to donate, the person will be brought back, a few medical questions about past travels and interactions are asked, and onto the donation cot. 

Here identity will be confirmed, and the rest is pretty simple. A phlebotomist will clean off the arm, then get right to it. A sharp prick may be felt, and about ten minutes later the donator has just saved three lives. 

At SCCC, all donors received a free shirt as a badge of bravery for their selfless donation.

A big thank you to HALO and all other volunteers who helped this donation run smoothly and a round of applause for every person who took time out of their day to donate or tried to donate blood or plasma. Every two seconds in America, a person is in need of blood. The next time a blood donation is near, go save a life or maybe even three.