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Are You Valentine Material?

February 4, 2015

Valentine’s Day, a day that your wallet experiences rapid weight loss and it does this without even...

Philadelphia’s downtown wonders

November 14, 2014

Coming from a small town and flying across the U.S. to Philadelphia, Pa., was like passing through a...

Veins for charge

November 14, 2014

Buzz. Ding! Ring! Walking through the halls, sitting at the doctor’s office, eating at a restaurant,...

Obama pushes for new path

November 14, 2014

The executive order that President Barack Obama has promised to sign before the end of the year has got...

Dinner staged for 54

Dinner staged for 54

November 14, 2014

Walking into the Showcase Theater this week, the audience was confused by the chairs on the stage that...

Easier solution to concealed weapon bill

November 8, 2014

Filed under Features, Opinion

Crusader Editor, I read the articles and cartoon regarding the issue of concealed weapons on campus. I've also done some research on the existing concealed carry law, including contacting the Kansas Attorney General’s office for some clarification. It is being assumed that if the bill is passed we should spend hundreds...

Cultural story and gorgeous visuals brought out in ‘The Book of Life’

October 27, 2014

“The Book of Life” is a stunning visual story deeply immersed in the Mexican holiday of El Dia de...

Social media portraying Ebola as a laughing matter is sick

October 27, 2014

Social media has shown us its sick side over the past couple of weeks. As I have scrolled through Facebook...

Cooler weather brings creepy crawlers inside

October 27, 2014

As the weather gets colder, spiders begin moving inside to find a warm place to hide. It’s that time...

Making friends the smart way

October 27, 2014

College is a fun, new, and exciting experience, surrounded by what seems like a million new faces. Moving...

Safety comes first

October 27, 2014

Due to my two night classes and a 22 credit hour semester, I spend more time at the college than at home,...

Time to pay Re2pect to the Captain

October 9, 2014

“Derek Jeter is not the greatest person in human history.  He did not invent baseball, he did not...

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