Tips to thrift: An Et. Cetra how to guide


Raven Staten

Raven Staten shows her Saturday thrift finds which include a pair of wool houndstooth pants, a lavender cardigan, a zebra print silk scarf, a floral mug, and volume 3 of “The best of Friends”. Believe it or not this was all $4.50!

Raven Staten

If you are a broke college student and need new clothes or items to decorate your home or dorm with, the thrift store is calling your name. Thrift stores are such an amazing resource for those who are on a budget, as well as for those who just need unique and cool items to brighten up their life. Not to mention thrifting is eco-friendly so you’re having fun while doing good for the planet.  

Thrifting has seen a huge surge due to various style trends and social media. News flash: it’s cool to thrift! But, with the ongoing pandemic, the big question is: is it safe to thrift?      

The simple answer is yes, especially from small-town thrift stores. As long as you follow the necessary guidelines such as wearing a mask and making sure to practice social distancing, you are good to get your thrift on!

In Liberal, we have one thrift store called the Et. Cetra shop located on 748 S. Kansas Ave, and a flea market called 2nd Chance at 201 N. Kansas Ave. When thrifting at Et. Cetra make sure to bring

cash as they do not accept credit, debit or check. Also, be sure to bring a mask, it’s mandatory. 

The Et. Cetra shop has whatever you may need as a thrifter, things such as craft supplies, used books, movies, kitchen supplies, shoes, clothing, and much more. I like to hit up the book section for

The Et. Cetra shop is open Tuesday-Saturday from 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. and donations are always welcome during those times as well.
(Raven Staten)

art books, the women’s section for purses and clothing, the men’s section for flannels and cardigans, and the movie section for VHS tapes and CDs. 

If you have the time and patience, look in every section. You never know what you may find and it just may be the absolute coolest thing that you never knew you needed. 

My pro-thrifter tip: If you are trying to find cool items but you’re not having any luck, come back on a Tuesday. I find that when I go later in the week things have been picked through. During the weekends’ Et. Cetra is only open on Saturdays and is closed on Sundays for a day off. Et. Cetra is also closed on Mondays as well to put new items out. So yes, Tuesday is your best bet.  

Another tip is to also go on Saturdays. On the first Saturday of each month, everything is half off, so you’re saving even more money. Every Saturday after that during the month, everything except clothing is half off. So if you find something you like during the week but it’s a little more than you would like to spend, put it back and pray that it’s there on Saturday.  

As could be imagined, Saturdays are pretty packed and busy at the thrift shop so it is important to social distance and be respectful of other people’s boundaries. The Et Cetra shop is a pretty decent-sized store but there is a lot of inventory, making it hard to get around sometimes. On Saturdays, I recommend going to the thrift store when they first open, as long check-out lines can be avoided.

When you have checked out and are ready to head home make sure to wash your clothing items before wearing them. Also, wipe down any items that can not be washed with a disinfectant wipe or warm water and soap. By doing this you are being aware for covid purposes and keeping yourself safe. 

If by chance you are unable to make it to a thrift store, believe it or not, online thrifting is a thing.

Online sources such as Depop, Poshmark, Mercari, and ThredUP are among the countless options for online thrifting. The awesome thing about these apps and resources is that you can find whatever you may possibly need, as well as sell your own personal things. 

My pro tip is: if you need a little extra money for one month, do a little spring cleaning and sell things that you no longer wear or need! 

Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!