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Krisi Anderson

Krisi Anderson, Club Reporter

Krisi Anderson is an 18-year-old freshman and a Liberal local. She is currently an undecided major. Her interest in writing began in middle school when she had to write short stories for an English class. She looks forward to the opportunity to continue writing. In her spare time, she likes to watch TV with her family and sleep.

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Destiny Vasquez and Mary Ramirez are normally behind the camera - video and still. The two are in the Crusader lab working most afternoons.

[Photo] Crusader 2020-21

September 7, 2020

Destiny Vasquez and Mary Ramirez are normally behind the camera - video and still. The two are in the Crusader lab working most afternoons.

The Nutrition Cave is open Monday-Thursday from seven in the morning till five in the evening along with Friday’s from seven in the morning to two in the afternoon. Stop by to get protein shakes and teas like these!

Nutrition Cave

As we walked into the cave we were welcomed with a delicious smell of fruit. The Nutrition Cave at 1406 W 15th St. in Liberal fits its description. It...

Crusaders podcast takes a look at what students expect during this summer after COVID.

Podcast: Will summer 2021 smash social, emotional after-effects of COVID?

Krisi Anderson and Raven Staten
May 4, 2021

With Summer just around the corner and COVID slowing down in the United States, things are now different. Crusader News and Seward County Community College...

Josh Revord, SCCCs website specialist, receives a COVID-19 vaccination from one of the colleges nursing students. The students helped out at vaccination clinics throughout the semester as part of their clinicals. The activity not only helped them gain experience but also served the community.

Nursing students help with Covid vaccinations

Krisi Anderson, Club Reporter
April 28, 2021

Vaccine here, vaccine there, vaccine everywhere! On April 22, Seward County Community College nursing students helped administer Covid vaccine shots at...

Shandon Classen is the transfer advisor for SCCC. He gives four basic steps to help students transfer.

How to Transfer

Krisi Anderson, Club Reporter
April 13, 2021

College can be frightening on its own. As the end of the semester comes, so does the impending doom of having to transfer colleges, but there is no need...

Students raced around campus looking for eggs. some hidden obvious places others not so much.

Saints on the hunt for eggs

Students took off as the clock struck 8 a.m. in the search of eggs scattered across campus. The egg hunt consisted of 300 eggs hidden all around the campus.  Wade...

Did you know?

Did you know?

Krisi Anderson
March 24, 2021

The world is full of all kinds of unusual facts. I think people will learn a little extra through these topics. They are either necessary and not talked...

Saints on skates

The Student Union came to life as loud music played and students rolled around on skates, Feb. 22. While some were skilled in their skating others were...

Freshman Maria Coronado finally has a chance to enjoy aspects of a traditional snow day on Monday  — mocha coffee and watching Netflix under covers. She spent most of the day in remote learning and doing homework. Her dog, Tomasa, and stuffed animal friends offer some warm comfort on the -17 temperature day.

Opinion: Remote learning ruins snow days

Krisi Anderson, Club Reporter
February 17, 2021

On Friday evening, the student body received an email informing us that even if campus is closed due to weather conditions we would still have class remotely....

All over campus students can  be seen attending classes with the use of Zoom. While some of them say that Zoom is really helpful others are starting to get tired of the use of the application in place of in person learning

Zoom fatigue … it’s a thing!

Krisi Anderson
February 10, 2021

Classes have been in for a month now, including the week of online at the beginning of the semester. However, students still have to do some online classes....

WandaVision turns average sitcom into masterpiece

Krisi Anderson
February 2, 2021

It’s been nearly two years since anything Marvel has come out and the time has come for more. Finally, Marvel produced “WandaVision,” starring Elizabeth...

Jesse Valverde a Liberal native finds that studying in the library very nice in order to get some work done in preparation for this semesters finals

Teachers, students provide study tips for finals

Krisi Anderson
December 1, 2020

Christmas break is just around the corner and so are finals. Stress levels are high and sleep levels are low. Students are turning in late assignments...

Pumpkin pie is a must have on Thanksgiving.

Students share their Thanksgiving traditions

Krisi Anderson, Reporter
November 24, 2020

That time of year has arrived. Families gather together in their homes, not to share presents just yet but to share food and give thanks to the year that...

Halloween is a time when everyone gets into the spooking spirit. Photography 1 students tried to take the spookiest picture, like this one of a zombie. Public Speaking students told their favorite ghost stories. Saints Bookstore hosted a costume contest. Whether its telling stories, watching scary movies or dressing up, SCCC students spent the week leading up to Oct. 31 participating in activities on campus.

Podcast: Students, staff tell spooky stories for Halloween

Destiny Vasquez and Krisi Anderson
October 31, 2020

Going with the Halloween spirit, Crusader News brings you spooky tales taken from students and staff at Seward County Community College. You will hear...

Alondra Galindo, a sophomore majoring in biology, Esi Houtz,  a sophomore Nursing Major, A.J. Luna, sophomore ASL Major show off the prizes that they won from the nightime egg hunt. The egg hunt had been scheduled for Easter earlier this year but unfortunately COVID shut down campus and the event was not able to take place until this fall

Halloween hunt has students searching in dark

Krisi Anderson, Reporter
October 30, 2020

Students took off across the courtyard in search of prizes with flashlights to guide them. Eggs lay hidden on window seals, trees, and in the grass The...

Halloween Costumes: COVID Edition

Halloween Costumes: COVID Edition

Krisi Anderson
October 16, 2020

Here comes Halloween in all of its glory. Things are a little different this year and Halloween is one of the unknowns about the future.  The Liberal...

Pierre Copin, a sophomore from France sits in the Showcase Theater for his midterm for public speaking. For many students sitting six feet apart during classes and tests have become the new “normal”

The day of a college student during COVID

Krisi Anderson, Reporter
October 14, 2020

College has taken a different approach to life due to the recent pandemic. The normal life for college students has somewhat changed. However, not every...

Bring on the heat!

I ann Hayes hopped out of his chair in joy, shouting pridefully, feeling a little pain on the side, as he finished in first place for the annual jalapeno...

Quarantine: 9 things to pass the time

Quarantine: 9 things to pass the time

Krisi Anderson, Reporter
September 23, 2020

Quarantine got you down? Worry not, Crusader is here to help.  With the rise in COVID-19 cases in southwest Kansas, some students have gone into quarantine....

French vanilla is one of the options for a drink when coming to the bookstore. Some other hot drinks options include tea, hot chocolate and mocha

Hot Drinks? Head to the Bookstore

Krisi Anderson, Reporter
September 21, 2020

It’s one of those days, life is dragging on, or the ones when it’s too cold outside. Coffee might be the answer. Well, head on down to the Saints Bookstore....

First time voters might be nervous about casting that first-ever ballot. Dont worry, the process is easier than you might think.

Voting: How it’s Done

Krisi Anderson, Reporter
September 16, 2020

Voting season is just around the corner. As a student at a college, this may be the first time you're voting. Need some help on how to do so? Here’s...

Staying close to home was a high priority for Valeria Ruvalcaba when choosing a college.

Valeria Ruvalcaba

Anthony Nieto and Krisi Anderson
September 8, 2020

Valeria Ruvalcaba is a freshman from Liberal. She chose to come to SCCC because it allowed her to be close to her family. She said it will give her time...

Everyone on campus must wear a mask, even visitors.

COVID-19: How to stay safe as a student

Krisi Anderson, Reporter
September 4, 2020

It has been six months since everything was officially shut down due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus). In that period, normal life has changed. New procedures...

Reagan Watt

Reagan Watt

Krisi Anderson and Anthony Nieto
August 28, 2020

Reagan Watt is a freshman at SCCC. She received a scholarship to play softball. She also chose to come here because it was closer to home, as her family...

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