Quarantine: 9 things to pass the time

Krisi Anderson, Reporter

Quarantine got you down? Worry not, Crusader is here to help. 

With the rise in COVID-19 cases in southwest Kansas, some students have gone into quarantine. They have either been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 or are waiting for their own test results to return. Quarantine means a lot of time trapped inside and trying to find ways to stay entertained and engaged.

Try these nine suggestions to occupy your time:

1 Netflix

If quarantine has been life since March then Netflix is old news but there is always new stuff, or old stuff, to binge-watch.

2 Disney Plus

Disney Plus is just like Netflix. They continuously add new/old movies and TV shows. If Mulan is on the want to watch, wait until November when it will be put on regular Disney-Plus instead of just premium and save some money.

3 Halloween

Confused? Halloween is right around the corner. With all this time stuck inside, it may be time to get creative. Make a new costume so that you can be prepared for All Hallows Eve. 

4 Self-Care

Get into taking care of yourself whether that might be your skin, hair or muscles. Self-Care isn’t just for women it’s for men, too. 

5 Check-in with everyone

Studying away from home can be hard. Take this opportunity to get in contact with friends and family that you can’t see. Ask them weird questions or ask about their life story.

6 Genealogy

On the note of getting life story’s, start a genealogy chart, a map of your ancestors. Don’t know where to get started? Try websites like FamilySearch, which is free and connected to sites like ancestry.com.

7 Discover new music

It doesn’t even have to be new music, just try something different. Head to Spotify and look at oldies playlists or discover some up and coming bands.

8 Learn to Cook

If you live in the dorms, this might not work. However, get crafty with what’s there. Or just call someone up and tell them to bring you food. 

9 Homework

Yes of all things, homework! Now is the best time to get caught up or even get head. 

Quarantine is rough and all motivation can be gone but at least these things can help spruce up your time there.