Teachers, students provide study tips for finals


Destiny Vasquez

Jesse Valverde a Liberal native finds that studying in the library very nice in order to get some work done in preparation for this semesters finals

Krisi Anderson

Christmas break is just around the corner and so are finals. Stress levels are high and sleep levels are low. Students are turning in late assignments or have dropped their courses. Some are simply crying and giving up.

In hopes to help with the final’s stress, Crusader has asked students and staff to share their ways of preparing for these tests.

Katy Redd’s, behavioral science instructor, study tip is to “study in several shorter study periods.” She explains how this method works.

“There is something called the ‘serial position effect’ that shows that students tend to remember what they studied at the beginning and the end of the study period,” she continues, “so if a student just did one long cram study period there will be a big middle that will be forgotten!”

Monalisa Chakraborty from Jharkhand, India and Iann Hayes from Liberal are a just one of the many students who have used the Math Lab in the library as a way to get some studying done for this fall finals (Destiny Vasquez)

“I don’t have any special study tips to really give. I just start studying early.” says Braden Boisvert, sophomore from Sonoita, Arizona. He continues to explain that while he doesn’t have study tips he does use technology to study



“My favorite study tool is an LCD writing tablet that makes studying more fun and easier.” He adds that he “write[s] down the information down over and over until I have it memorized.” 

If you’re interested in the LCD writing tablet, they are sold at Walmart.

From the advisors department, Stephanie Heger, advising coordinator, focuses more on the health of a student. 

“Drink lots of water and make sure you’re hydrating yourself. Try to eat healthy snacks because if you’re eating healthy snacks your bodies automatically going to respond better.” says Heger. She also talks about studying throughout the semester.

“When you go to class during the day, go home that night and read over your notes [from] that day” she continues, “It’s going to be alot easier when it comes to that time to study for the final because you’ve been refreshing yourself everyday.”

The last thing Heger shares is to “thank your instructors because they work as hard as you do.”