How to Transfer


Andrea Espinoza

Shandon Classen is the transfer advisor for SCCC. He gives four basic steps to help students transfer.

Krisi Anderson, Club Reporter

College can be frightening on its own. As the end of the semester comes, so does the impending doom of having to transfer colleges, but there is no need to fear.

Shandon Claussen, the SCCC transfer advisor, gives four basic steps to help students out. 

1. Do your research

While it is exciting to move onto bigger things, it’s important to know what’s really going on. Research the college that you’re looking into, see if it’s really where you want to go.

2. Get in contact with your advisor

Steps one and two can go hand in hand. Once you are for sure that college is the one you want you should check with your advisor about what classes will transfer. That’s right, your classes may not transfer to the college of your choosing. 

It may be helpful to get in contact with your advisor at the school you’re transferring to. If you are planning on taking more classes at SCCC and transferring later, you may have dual advising with the college you are planning to go to. This means that you can talk to your advisor at your planned college and they will help you choose your classes at SCCC.

3. Apply to new schools

As previously mentioned some colleges have transfer student applications, so fill them out. You should also try to not focus on one school. You will not know with a surety that you are accepted until you receive your letter of acceptance. Apply to as many places as you can. 

4. Send your official transcript to the schools you are applying for

This may be a part of your application process but it’s important that the college you plan to go to knows the classes you already took. 

Some important information to keep in mind is scholarships.

“Many transfer scholarships have a deadline 8+ months before the semester starts, so students need to make up their minds ASAP,” says Classen. So that means the sooner the better.


All of this information came from Shandon Classen, the Transfer Coordinator. If you would like more information you can contact him at [email protected] or go to the next transfer session on April 20.

The session will be in room A163 and will consist of a 20-minute presentation on the steps you need to take to transfer. Followed by 10 minutes for questions about the process. Finally, there will be two 15 minute Q&A sessions with colleges and universities around Kansas.