Students share their Thanksgiving traditions


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Pumpkin pie is a must have on Thanksgiving.

Krisi Anderson, Reporter

That time of year has arrived. Families gather together in their homes, not to share presents just yet but to share food and give thanks to the year that has passed. Thanksgiving is an American tradition where families or even friends gather and show their gratitude. 

Families all have different traditions. Whether they were passed down through generations or are recently made. Each family has them. Some students shared their Thanksgiving traditions.

Anahi Navarrete, freshman majoring in veterinary medicine, explained that their traditions surround her Grandma. 

“We make our grandma’s homemade gravy,” she continued,” she would always make it but then she passed away. Now we make sure we have her gravy.”

“We have ham and turkey together and we have a whole bunch of casseroles,” Codi Presley, a sophomore from liberal, said “and we always have apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie and cranberry salad.” 

Presley said her favorite pie is “pumpkin because it’s seasonal and it’s the only time of year you can get it.”


While so

Ham and turkey are staple foods of the thanksgiving holiday. (Crusader File Photo)

me students have memories of food, others have memories of the place and people they spend the holiday with. 

Shacaetra Ross, freshman law major, said that “every year we have holidays at my grandpa’s house.” 

Amy Whitaker, sophomore majoring in behavioral science, shared her traditions of travel. 

“We leave [Liberal] Tuesday and drive to Dallas… then Friday we drive to Houston [and] then sunday drive back to Liberal.” she continued and explained that “Pre-Covid-19” not only did they spend time with family but also shopping and time at parks.

Presley also said she spends time with family on thanksgiving day, “We sit at the table and eat dinner together”

Whitaker explained that her family “talk[s] endlessly and just bask in familyness.”

To mimic the SCCC Daily COVID-10 Check-in, “There are reasons for gratitude” and it is the season.