One year later: How has COVID-19 impacted life?

Raven Staten

Last year students went into spring break unaware things would never be the same. Initially, they thought the extended spring break was great. But then the realities of a worldwide pandemic set in. Not only did classes go online after spring break 2020 but life as anyone knew it changed drastically. COVID-19 has been around for a year now and it has impact lives in a variety of ways. Crusader went on the hunt to ask students how COVID has impacted their lives and what advice they might offer for surviving this historic time.

Maria Coronado


Jorge Aguirre – Diesel Tech

At first, I was excited to get a small break from school, but I never thought it would lead to this mess. At that time you would turn on the news it was just flooded with COVID updates.

COVID made me realize life is pretty boring if you stay in your house. Being stuck at home for a long time made me realize I never want to go to prison. I would not be able to handle that amount of loneliness. 

At the beginning of COVID, there were stay at home orders that left me with no work for like a month. I work at a semi shop and because people weren’t traveling there wasn’t really a need for us to fix semis. Aside from just no work, there wasn’t any toilet paper in the stores. There were also no masks and no gloves. Gloves of which we could really use at work right now.”


Destiny Vasquez

Kenia Melendez – Cosmetology

I think that I am dealing with COVID  really well and our state is dealing with it really well. We still keep our masks on and keep everyone socially distanced. Even here at school we still wear our masks and are socially distanced. When we eat out for lunch, we are all spread apart and I don’t think that it has affected us in a negative way. 

COVID is a sad thing that happened, but I feel that our government has provided us with lots of help like multiple payment checks. We are just about to get another one which has helped pay for my school which I could not do otherwise with just my job. The school has also helped us with the care relief packages and even the technology package for students that could not get laptops themselves. I mean, yes, it is a negative situation, but a lot of positive outcomes have come out of it. 

The advice that I would give would be to please still wear your masks. I know that people want it over with and want to go party and all, but we just have to deal with it the way our state government wants us to deal with it. If everyone would do what is asked, hopefully fewer people will get sick. I know it’s tough, I wear my mask from the moment I get up at five until I go home after school, as well as during work.”



Raven Staten

Arturo Martinez – Business

Covid came very unexpectedly in my life and it took some time to adjust to it, but it wasn’t stopping me from accomplishing my goals or getting my work done.

The transition from moving to online school and not having interaction with teachers in the class took a toll on my education. Now, I am trying to get through it, finish getting my degree and let this pandemic take its course. 

My advice would be to not let it affect whatever any individual has going on in their life & remember that these tough times don’t last forever.”



Mary Ramirez

Charles Kendall– Business Administration

Covid has made me think more about the things that I do. I definitely try to be safer and think smarter when I am going to do something.

Some advice I would give is to be safe and be careful with what you do because you never know what is going to happen.”