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Sander Jans is a freshman undecided major from De Ronerborg, Netherlands. He is a student-athlete on the Men’s tennis team and hopes to play in the number one spot this season.

Sander Jans

De Ronerborg, Netherlands: Major- Undecided

August 24, 2018

How old are you?
“I am 21.”

Do you have any siblings?
“I have one younger brother who is 18 years old.”

Outside of tennis, what do you do for fun?
“When I am not playing tennis, I like play table tennis”

What is your individual goal for the season?
“I want to play in the number one spot on the team at tournaments.”

Why did you choose SCCC?
“I had two schools to choose from: Tyler Junior College and SCCC. I chose here because I thought it was a nicer school.”

Year in college?

Monica Gonzalez
Sander Jans plays a game of table tennis against friend and teammate, Jafer Infante. When Jans is not playing actual tennis, he enjoys playing table tennis.
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