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Michelle Mattich

Madison Hall

Sophomore - Hometown: Moscow, Kansas - Major: Biology

April 30, 2019

What has been the biggest struggle you have had to overcome?

“Time management, balancing school work with 4H has been especially hard this semester with all the hard classes I’ve had to take but I feel like I have it figured out.”

How will you know you have become successful?

“When I get completely done with school and I get a job and settle down. I won’t be moving around so much and I know what my day is going to look like.”

If you had the power to solve one problem on Earth what would it be?

“I would end children having to be in foster care. They would have loving families and a place they would call home.”

What’s your motivation to get up in the morning?

“My animals need to get fed and they won’t eat if I don’t get up. School ends in a week and ill have my degree and I can move on.”

What’s the biggest accomplishment you hope to do with your career?

“I would love to open my own vet practice and hopefully find a cure for rabies.”

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Michelle Mattich was born in El Paso, Texas She enjoys writing, and listening to music. She also enjoys reading a good book...

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