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Jenifer Duarte, Liberal Freshman, plans on moving to California after graduation.

Jenifer Duarte

Freshman — Hometown: Liberal — Major: Computer Science

August 30, 2019

What superpower would you have?

I want to fly. I wouldn’t use a car, first of all. It would be cool to see things from a different perspective. You would feel free if you were able to fly.

What made you interested in your major?

I really like computers and I thought about going into video game programming. I really want to get a job at Riot Games. It’s the company that made League of Legends.

If you had to choose one game to play, what would it be and why?

“League of Legends.” I like the different character sets they have. They have over 140 different characters so if you get bored with one, you can just play someone else. I also like the competitiveness because I play rank.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to move to California where all the big gaming companies are at and try to apply and get a job there. I’ve never been there but it wouldn’t be the first time I moved to someplace new.

What other places have you moved to?

I’ve moved to Iowa. I moved there on my own. I joined the military, so they moved me around a lot.

So you are into challenging stuff like the military?

Yeah, I mean if it picks up my competitive drive, then I’m all for it. I think the hardest part was dealing with the weather because I think the worst part was when it was -20 degrees, and we weren’t out there with a jacket or anything. It was just our regular uniform clothes, and we had to stand there. You can’t, like, warm yourself up; you have to just stand there and listen to what they have to say while you’re freezing.

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