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October 29, 2019

Rebecca Irby
McDonald’s value menu is the perfect spot to go when you are low on cash.

For $5, we were able to purchase two McChickens and two cheeseburgers. We think they both tasted pretty good. The chicken wasn’t as crispy as most people would prefer but in terms of flavor, it was nice–very moist, too. The cheeseburger was filling, but there was definitely more bun than meat, and it was honestly pretty small. 

For under $5 though, we got a great value and a lot of food. The food came out fast, too, within about three minutes, and tasted fresh. 

The customer service wasn’t the best, but it was okay, and it was pretty busy inside so the employees were probably stressed. It was what you’d expect from McDonald’s, honestly. Overall, this meal was good because it was quick, easy, tasty and most of all, cheap.  

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