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Garden Of Eatin’ (Southwest Medical Center cafeteria)

October 29, 2019

Preston Burrows
Hospital food in a college review you ask? Hey! It’s close to campus and you can get a cheap healthy meal.

Garden Of Eatin’ is the cafeteria at Southwest Medical Center in Liberal. Anybody is welcome to eat for a small price.

During lunch and dinner times, they serve a main entree. If you don’t want the main entree, you have the choice of ordering other options from the menu, like hamburgers, grilled cheeses, fries, ham and cheese sandwiches, chicken strips, deserts, and more, though each item is priced differently. 

At first, we wanted to order off the menu, but we decided that ordering the entree would be quicker than having them prepare food for us from scratch. Five dollars got us an entree of herb baked chicken, fettuccini noodles, one side of vegetables and a bag of chips. 

However, an extra side of vegetables would cost you an extra 90 cents, which we did not get. The main entree meal with vegetables came out to a total of $4.59 including tax. With the extra change you get back, you can purchase a bag of chips for 40 cents (44 cents with tax). The total comes out to $5.03. 

The taste of the food was definitely not up to par for five dollars. It was bland. Unlike the tacos from El Pastorcito or the McChickens, it had no seasoning or flavor. The noodles were dry and had no sauce. The chicken was mediocre and lacked seasoning as well. They could’ve added a lot more to the food. 

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