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El Pastorcito

October 29, 2019

William Swanson
These street tacos from El Pastorcito win for “best tasting” food for $5. You can alter your toppings and choice of meat.

At El Pastorcito, we purchased 5 soft tacos, 3 barbacoa and 2 carne asada, for $5 even. 

There, we ordered from our car, and the waitress brought the food out to us in a relatively short amount of time. Then we rushed back to Crusader headquarters at SCCC to peep this one out. 

From the moment we unraveled our meal, the homely smell of authentic Mexican food wafted through the air, and into our noses. The quality of the food was just as good as the smell. 

As we bit into the soft roasted barbacoa beef taco, we noticed how well the juiciness of the meat complimented the soft texture of the taco. 

With the carne asada soft tacos, the only difference is the meat, which is steak instead of beef. The quality was still the same, and amazed all of us. For $5, this is a great value for someone who might be pinching their pennies. We definitely recommend it.

Overall, we decided as a group that while Taco Bell offered the greatest quantity of food for $5, El Pastorcito’s food was the best in quality.

There are a lot of places in Liberal where you can find good, cheap food, but now you don’t have to search for it. 


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