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Emily Borjas

Liberal - Major: Nursing

November 7, 2019

What superpower would you have and why?


“I would like to read minds. I want to read other people’s minds. I think it would be interesting to know what other people are thinking most of the time.”


What’s your hobby?


“One of my hobbies right now is cheerleading. I’ve been doing it for two years. What makes cheerleading interesting for me is being a flyer. I’m up in the air for most of the time. I do all kinds of stunts.”


What does being a flyer feel like?


“At first, when I first started, it was scary because I thought I was gonna fall, but I kept going. After awhile, it got easier. You just have to stay focused and…..stay tight, I guess you can say.”


What made you decide on your major?


“I was kind of influenced. My cousin is a nurse in Mexico. I also saw this commercial a long time ago where a cancer patient was getting a shot and the nurse started singing a little theme song to the girl. Watching it made me want to help kids and so I want to become a pediatric nurse.”


What’s your favorite sport?


“I like soccer. I used to play soccer for 3 years in high school and all of middle school. I used to be right defender. The reason I had to quit soccer in my senior year was because I was starting a job and I didn’t have time to play anymore.”


Year in college? 



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