Josh Swanson

Jerron Kurth

Liberal-Major: Engineering

November 14, 2019

What classes are you taking right now?

“I’m taking College Algebra, English Comp. I, American History, First Year Seminar, Concepts of health and wellness, General Psychology, and Individual Health and Conditioning. So about 15 credit hours in total.”

Which classes have been your favorite so far?

“Probably College Algebra, because I’ve always liked math a lot, and I’m just learning it very well. I’m enjoying helping people at the MRC (math resource center).”

So you tutor?


How’s that going?

“It’s going pretty well. I’m doing okay.”

Why’d you choose engineering as a major?
“Well, I picked engineering for two reasons: it sounded like a fun challenge and my advisor asked me what my favorite class was, so when I said College Algebra, she asked if I wanted to be a teacher? When I said no, she said I should major in engineering.”

So, what are some of your plans moving forward?

“Well, next semester I’m going to take some more math classes like Trigonometry and finish up my English classes. You know, all that stuff. I’ll probably go to K-State after I get done here at SCCC.”

Year in college?


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