The events before Mexico

December 10, 2019

Thinking it was safe to tell his mom the truth, Laurens leaped but fell into the abyss of what was a trick. Once he told her, “She fainted and then when I tried to hug her she pulled away from me,” Laurens said. 

With unsure glances, Laurens told his story quietly. This could be rooted from the feeling that he had made a mistake. Tears filled the corner of his almond-shaped eyes, while his mind replayed the moment. 

“It broke me. I exposed myself and lost everything right then and there,” he said. 

Laurens said he had always cared for his mom since he was little. With barely any money and a husband who left, Perla worked as a cleaner at The Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas to earn money for her family of three. Seeing this, Laurens was conflicted at such a young age because he couldn’t help his mother, so he did something that not every 8-year-old boy would do. 

He recalls that he knew his mom was always working, so she barely had time for food. Laurens would pack the cold milk carton offered to him at lunch and wrapped it up in a paper sack. He would take this sack to the hands of his mother. The look of thankfulness and pain came across her face. She was heartbroken that her little boy had to worry if she was eating or not. 

It broke me. I exposed myself and lost everything right then and there.”

— Kristian Laurens

A smile reached the Mexican boy’s ears, as he remembered his mom like he wished everyone did. Sweet and thoughtful. Suddenly, he whimpered and hid his face under his oversized sports shirt. The mood changes were drastic; from remembering how his mom would treat him to the recent treatment he received. He could do nothing to hide his emotions. He was hurt. 

“You know… she hasn’t always been bad,” he exclaimed, in an effort to make others understand, but also as a reminder that maybe there was something worth fighting for. 

Laurens could not comprehend how things could change from the milk story 10 years ago to being called “a disgusting faggot” for talking to his boyfriend on facetime. 

Other events occurred in moderation. Some days it would seem almost normal, except the sinking feeling that his mom didn’t love him anymore. Other days would consist of getting slapped or being taken to therapy because of “who he became.”

Laurens explained that his mom blamed his boyfriend for changing him into who he was now. Frustrated, Laurens said that this not only targeted his boyfriend, but created problems in the relationship with trust. He didn’t spend much time speaking about his boyfriend, wanting to keep his relationship private and not put this person to blame. 

Later, When Laurens’ mom said that they were going to Mexico for his little sister’s baptism and for his senior pictures, he did not think anything of it. His mom, his aunt and even his trusted cousin did not say a word about the events that would soon unfold. 

Laurens left for Mexico Aug. 8, 2019. 

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