Victoria Martins

Veronica Olds

Hometown: Hooker, Oklahoma - Major: Science

February 21, 2020

Where are you from ? 

I am originally from the Philippines, but now I live in Hooker — the town, not the profession! 

What are you passionate about ?

My family, helping people and school.

Who inspires you? 

My husband and my kids. 

What inspired you to come to college? 

The place where I work! I have been working at the Walmart pharmacy for 12 years now and I just love helping people. Going to college is something that always wanted, but I also wanted to take care of my kids first, and now that they are grown I decided that I should try again.

What is your go to quote for life ? 

“It’s never too late to do anything.” Because if it is something that you are really passionate about, it will never be too late to do it.


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Victoria Martins, Photographer

Victoria Martins is a freshman at SCCC majoring in Biology. She is 18 years old and was born in Sete Lagoas, Brazil. Martins likes to hang out with her...

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