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Destiny Vasquez

Alexia Pavia enjoys being able to sit down and work on her art whenever she has the chance to.

Alexia Pavia

Hometown: Liberal — Major: Undecided

October 23, 2020

What is your biggest fear? 

Failing and disappointing others mostly because growing up I would have people encourage me and I grew up not wanting to disappoint them and make them proud.

What is your favorite memory and why? 

Winning my first art show. I was a sophomore in high school and my art teacher entered a piece of mine into the scholastic art show that I really did not like, but it won first place and it was even at the Baker Arts Center for I think about a  week, but it just really made me realize that I really liked art a lot.

What is your favorite family tradition and why? 

Every Sunday my family has menudo and I look forward to it every week. Every Saturday I go with my mom to the store to get all the ingredients and we prepare it, and on Sunday we all eat it together as a family.

Just thinking about it makes me feel so nice and warm inside.

“What is brown and sticky?….a brown stick! I just really love dad jokes.””

What is something that you collect and why? 

Art supplies, mostly, watercolors also unused yarn for crocheting. I go through these phases where all I want to do is buy the supplies to create something with it and then I use them but then I set them down and I stop using them and they collect dust, but I have started to get better at it.

What are three things that you think about the most everyday? 

The first thing would be finishing my art projects, the second would be going home and the last thing would be if I  fed my cats.

What is something that you are currently worried about? 

Finishing my art project because it’s already halfway in the semester and I still am not done and I get distracted with so many things.

What is an “old person” thing that you do?

My joints actually pop a lot when I stretch and my back also just hurts at times it’s crazy.

What is the spiciest thing that you have ever eaten? 

It was this spicy Korean ramen that I was trying out and at first it really didn’t hit it just felt like it was at the level of spiciness of that of a jalapeño, but then almost immediately my mouth was burning and I was asking for milk but they gave me expired whipped cream which still didn’t help since I still felt the tingling of the spicy ramen. 

Alexia Pavia loves art as it gives anyone the ability to create anything that you want, feel, and imagine in more then one way, there are no boundaries. (Destiny Vasquez)

What is your cure for hiccups? 

Holding my breath until I no longer have them just works for me. I tried other methods like getting scared and drinking water but they don’t work. I am also not someone that gets scared easily.

What is the funniest joke that you know by heart?

What is brown and sticky?….a brown stick! I just really love dad jokes.

What is the last song that you jammed out to? 

The father song from Coraline it is just such a good song.

What annoys you the most? 

Not being listened to and being ignored because I am usually a quiet person and I don’t talk that much but when I do and the other person just flat out does listen to what I am saying or just ignores me it really starts to bug me.

What is the grossest food that you have ever eaten? 

Anything with onions! They are just so gross to me the way they taste and the texture is just so wrong. I know that I am Mexican and we put onions on everything but it’s just so gross to me.

What is the most inappropriate time that you have just busted out laughing?

When my class was getting in trouble because we were all behind and the teacher was yelling at us. I just started laughing.

What is something that you consider your good luck charm? 

My pencil case, I have had this case for a couple of years now and it just holds everything that I need. My pens, pencils and my favorite eraser.

If you could time travel to any place where and when would you travel to? 

Renaissance era, Italy. I would just want to be able to look at the progression of art and how the people reacted to it since it was so controversial back then.

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