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Destiny Vasquez

One of the places you can find Slade is possibly at a computer where more then likely he is working on learning some sort of computer software for a class or for fun

Slade Frisby

Hometown: Johnson - Major: Computer Information Systems

November 6, 2020

What takes up most of your time nowadays? 

Homework takes up a lot of my time and it’s not just a specific class it’s all of them and with this semester it’s been crazy 

What is the most relaxing place you’ve been to and why?

Probably when I am meditating on my couch at home is where I am able to be relaxed and calm. 

What would be your ideal way to spend your weekend and why?

Probably alone in my house meditating, playing video games and eating 

What hobby would you like to have if money and time were not an issue and why? 

Slade would like to become a gamer devloper in the future and bases most of his characters that he draws on people that he has met in real life. (Destiny Vasquez)

To be able to be a game designer mostly because it goes with my future career. 

What is an interesting fact about you that nobody else knows?

That my drawings that I do I either base them on events that have happened to me or they are based on people that I have known. 

What is your favorite family vacation that you have to? 

When I graduated high school my father and stepmother and I took a trip to Washington D.C as a big gift to me it was a lot of fun we spent a week there and everyday we had about three or two things that we wanted to do but my favorite places that I visited were the White House and George Washington’s house 

What is the most exciting thing that you have ever done?

When I was a junior in high school I got up to sing for the talent show by myself and it was a big deal to me because I have stage fright and doing that was possibly the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life 

What is one place you would like to visit  and why?

I would like to be able to eventually see Heaven 

What would be the first thing that you would if you won the lottery?

I would save it at first and then when I buy a house or a car pay the bills off for them and then when I eventually get a family save the money for my future children’s college fund 

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